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Are You Ready for the Depression?

The depression is just around the corner, are you and your family ready?  The news reporters are trying not to use the word “depression”, probably out of fear of the panic that will follow.

IMF predicts a global recession

The banking system, along with the US State and Federal governments have been the number one cause of this problem.

The banks started writing flexible mortgage rate loans – knowing that people would not be able to pay the notes.  But for some reason the people just played along with the scams.  Untold millions of families have lost their homes and driven into bankruptcy because of the greed of bankers.  The blame can not be placed solely on the bankers – the people HAVE to take part of the blame.

The State and Federal government have allowed millions of US jobs to be shipped over seas.  This is only at the benefit of the companies that are using cheap labor.  Since millions of people are out of work, less money is spent, in turn less tax dollars are brought in.

There is nothing “free” about “free trade” – someone pays the price.

The State and Federal government has also continued to take care of millions of illegal immigrants.  Untold millions of dollars are spent on the health and welfare of trespassers, when we can not even take care of our own.

A few weeks ago news was coming out of California that the sate was going to be hit with a money shortage.  The first thing that came to mind was – “how much money could be saved by taking the illegals off the social services programs?”  An illegal immigrant has no right to anything, expect to be arrested and sent back home.

Every 3 months Exxon reports record profits, and then the people wonder why gas and food is so expensive.

Human stupidity and greed have prevailed, and as a result, the depression is right around the corner.

Its time to get the plans in order.

The first thing to do is save money:

Do not go out to eat – cook your own means at home.

Stop buying designer clothes

Stop buying the expensive shoes for the kids

Stop trying to keep up the the neighbors.  If that truck or car is paid for, keep it.

Buy generic, no brand name or store brand items – instead of the more expensive brand name items.

Get in shape and lose some weight.  Most health problems are directly related to diet and exercise.  If people were at their normal wieght, they might be able to get off that blood pressure medicine or heart medicine.

Plant a home garden – this is going to be cheaper then buying 100% of your food from the grocery store.

Turn off unused items in your house – turn off the lights and TV when you leave a room.  Items that are plugged in can still use power.  Install a power strip and turn the power off to those items until needed.  Or unplug them from the wall.

A lot of grocery stores put their reduced meat out in the morning.  Get up early and buy your meat then, and only if its reduced.  The best cuts of meat are aged and are starting to turn colors.

Buy in bulk, and divide up.  Buy a family pack of pork chops, then divide them up into smaller freezer bags.

Carpool to work with friends or neighbors – my wife and I have been car pooling with each other for over 4 years now.

Contact local farmers in your area for fresh produce – such as eggs.  These are usually cheaper then items bought from a grocery store.

Go fishing – some local parks do not require a fishing license.  So why not go to a park and catch your own fish?  Be sure to check the laws in your area.

Go hunting – some states have public land that can be used for hunting.  In Texas its called “Type 2” and only requires a extra permit to be bought.  One of two deer can fill a freezer.

Make a bird trap.  As nasty as it sounds, pigeons are a member of the Quail family.  If there is a pigeon problem in your area, build a bird trap and stock up on fresh meat.

Go in half on a deer lease, let the other person get the deer and split the meat.  This is how that could work – deer leases are expensive.  If you know someone that is on a lease, offer to pay 1/2 of the dues.  In return you get 1/2 the meat the hunter takes.  You would not do anything but pay for part of the expense of the lease.


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