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If SHTF tomorrow, 12 months later, what items would you have that you could use for barter?  Is bartering even in your plans, have you even thought about it?  The other day I was walking through wal-mart and was thinking about low cost, good quality trade items.  There is a difference in good quality, medium quality and poor quality barter items.

Here are some examples of barter/trade items:

Barter items post shtf

Gold and silver only have value when someone values money.  Once society has broken down to where its a dog eat dog world, I’am willing to bet that food will have more value then gold and silver.

Solar panels, seeds, first aid supplies are a good quality trade items.

Clothing might have an “ok” trade value.

Hand tools might be a medium quality trade item.  If your cars and trucks are not running, what value are hand tools.

Computers and other electronics would be a poor quality item – without electricity, what good are electronics.

When you start talking about matches, seeds, flashlights, batteries,,,,,, some of those are disposable items – you use them once and then its gone. In my opinion, the best trade items are ones that continue to give a return over and over. This gives the item a certain appeal that its not a once use item, or something that breaks easily.

I dont think food has very much of a trade value – unless the other person is starving. The thing with food, you eat it once and its gone, it does does not give a return on your investment.

Matches, they burn once, and its gone.

Batteries go dead, unless you have a way to charge them.

Seeds may not sprout, or might be a hybrid so the resulting seeds can not be saved.

In my opinion, one of the best trade items is hook, line and sinker. These 3 items provide a good return for all interested parties. When you open the package, you can still trade it. Right now I’am looking at a box of 50 eagle claw #2 hooks, Water Gremlin round split shot weights 124 pieces, zebco monofilament fishing line 12 pound test 700 yards.

  • Instead of trading for the whole box of hooks, trade for a certain amount.
  • Instead of trading for all of the weights, trade for a certain amount.
  • Instead of trading for all 700 yards of line, trade for 50 foot lengths.

Non of these items expire, rot, mold, mildew, spoil,,,,, unless you leave them in the water.

With the hooks, its a good idea to invest into stainless – that way they dont rust if stored for a long period of time.

The appeal with fishing gear – it allows someone to provide for themselves without a lot of work. Unlike crops, fishing can give an almost instant return. Instead of taking months to grow crops, people can go fishing when they want. Unlike farming, you do not have to clear a field, your not dependent on rain fall, fertilizer, pesticide,,,,,.

The draw back to fishing, you need access to a body of water. If your in the middle of a desert, fishing supplies might be the last thing on your mind.


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