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Being a burden on those around you

Before we begin, there is a difference in someone who gets down on their luck and needs some help, and someone who is always having some kind of issues.

Being a Burden – We all know someone who is always broke, always has some kind of legal problem, always drunk, always broke, never has a job, always has some kind of drama in their lives,,,,.  Every time you talk to the person, they need this or that.  Having a party, ask everyone to bring a little something, they bring a small bag of chips, or 1 or 2 soft drinks,,, just enough for that person and whoever is with him or her.

These are the people that are never quit able to improve their financial, drug, alcohol, drama, baby mama, baby daddy,,, issues.

Have you ever seen the movie “Catch me if you can” with Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks and Christopher Walken? Through the whole movie, Christopher Walken is having some kind of financial issues with the IRS. Its the same story every time Christopher Walken appears in the movie, the IRS is trying to take everything, and he is going to sue the government. Its the same story over, and over, and over,,, through the whole movie.

Surely we all know someone like the character Christopher Walken played, always having some kind of issues or drama in their life.

Why is it that some people can not move past drama or problems? One of the goals in life should be to live stress free. But there seem to be a group of people who thrive on stress, and why is that? Why do some people “have” to have stress in their lives? Does stress give them a rush, or a type of high?

My opinion on people like that, they never mature past 16 or 17 years old. They are stuck in high school and are unable to make progress in life.

Either they never mature, or they thrive off drama. I am sure we all know someone who loves drama.

Trouble Makers During a SHTF Survival Situation

I do not know if “trouble makers” is a good term, maybe disruptor would be a good term? These are the people who can not play well with others.

If people are stirring the crap before SHTF, what makes you think things are going to be any different during an event? They did not sleep good so they can not help do chores. Complaining about the power being off, complaining about this or that.

After Hurricane Ike passed through southeast Texas, and my family was out of power for 2 1/2 weeks, there was a member of our group that complained the whole time. This person made everyone around them miserable, no air conditioning, how are we supposed to live with AC? No internet, no TV, its hot, I need a shower, I am tired because I could not sleep in the heat,,,, it just went on and on and on. The complaining brought down the moral of the entire group.

There is an old saying, one bad apple can spoil the barrel, and I think that holds true. All it takes is one complainer to fuel the fires of discontent.

Lets get people motivated, keep them busy, keep their minds occupied and keep their bellies full. If you want to see moral go down the drain, try working on an empty stomach.

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If people have to look for something to complain about, they less likely they are to find it.

How do we not be a burden

Learn to play well with others. Some people do not like to share, never played team sports, have no idea what its like to be part of a team. Some team building efforts would be in order as part of your survival training.

Stockpile your fair share of survival gear. Do not depend on others to stockpile your part.

Communication and trust is the key to any relationship. Learn how to convey your feelings in a non-dramatic manner. If there is a problem, bring it out and talk about it. But do so in a professional manner.

Lets treat others as we would like to be treated. If you want people to treat you with dignity and respect, then treat others as such.


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