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Beretta APX: Biggest Disappointment of SHOW Show 2018

SHOT Show 2018 was an amazing event.  Estimates put around 60,000 people attending the show.  I arrived on Sunday, January 21st, and flew back home on Thursday, January 25th.  Monday was Industry Day at the Range, then Tuesday and Wednesday were spent attending SHOT Show.

Read about my trip to SHOT Show here – Trip To The 2018 SHOT Show.

Beretta APX at SHOT Show 2018

Out of everything I saw, looked at, held, shot, took pictures of, observed… etc, the biggest letdown was the Beretta APX.

While handling and shooting the APX during Industry Day at the Range, the handgun felt cheap.  From a distance of 25 yards the APX seemed to hit in a circle, and was not very accurate.  No other handgun I shot that day (dozens of them), had that issue.

The biggest letdown of the Beretta APX came when I was talking to a company representative.

Disconnect Between Beretta And The Consumer

I asked a Beretta representative, “Why didn’t the APX use 92f magazines?’

His reply was a detailed (and scripted sounding) speech about how Beretta wanted to designed the APX from the ground up.  Beretta wanted to offer a completely new handgun to the consumer.

In all honesty, I do not “care” what Beretta wanted.  I as a consumer want a handgun that can share magazines.  While designing the APX, Beretta disregarded decades of Beretta 92f and surplus M9 magazines on the market.  From a consumer point of view, that was a bad business decision.

I told the Beretta representative, “I can take magazines from a Glock 17 and put them in a Glock 19.  That is a big selling point for me.”  His reply was along the lines that Glock has not changed since the 1980s.

Here is the real problem:

I, as a consumer, was telling a company representative what I want, and he was disregarding my comments.  Everything I said, he came up with some kind of reason why the APX did this or that.

Which is fine.  If a company wants to ignore what consumers want, I can keep my money and spend it on something else.  Who knows, maybe I will get a Glock 19 Gen 5?  At least I know all of the magazines will work.

Say No To The Beretta APX

Consider the big picture.  Go with a Beretta APX, then spend hundreds of dollars on spare magazines?  Magazines that will only fit that one handgun.  Because of that, there is no incentive for long time Beretta users to get an APX.  I can not think of a single reason to adopt the APX over more proven handguns that have a wide range of magazine interchangeability.

I tell you what Beretta, until you make a polymer framed handgun that can accept 92f magazines, I will keep my money.


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