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Buying and Stockpiling More Survival Gear

Let’s take a few minutes and talk about stockpiling more survival gear for fishing and hunting after SHTF.

This past weekend my wife and I made a trip to Bridge City Texas to visit with my parents.  While we were in Bridge City, my wife and I spent the night at La Quinta Inn & Suites, which is where the old Sparkle Paradise used to be.

The hotel is in a perfect location. Not only does it back up to a pond for your fishing enjoyment, but the twin bridges are viewable from the hotel for a picturesque nighttime scene.

Stockpiling fishing and hunting survival gear for SHTF

My wife and I arrived at La Quinta, at which time I realized that I did not think about bringing anything to fish with. So off to wal-mart we went. I have been wanting to pick up an open face reel, so I bought a Shakespeare E-Z Cast Low Profile Baitcast Reel with 6 foot rod and a couple of lures. As luck would have it, I did not catch anything but a bunch of mosquito bites.

Shopping For Survival Gear

Saturday morning my wife and I got up, went by mom and dads house for a little bit, said hello and then went to Academy Sports and Outdoors in Port Arthur. At Academy I bought some circle hooks, some 60 pound nylon coated wire for making homemade leaders, some #4 circle hooks, 6 boxes 223 monarch ammo, 2 boxes 7.62×39 monarch ammo and a box of Remington 150 grain 308 for deer hunting.

After making a stop to buy some survival gear, my wife and I went to Tinsel Town in Beaumont for the 12:15 showing of Captain America. I thought the movie was pretty good. Maybe not an A+ movie, but not a C rating either. We sat through the credits to get a peak at the Avengers, all I have to say is “wow”.

Besides last weekend, lets do a recap of what has been bought in the past couple of weeks:

  • 2 spools of 330 pound trotline string
  • Shakespeare E-Z Cast Low Profile Baitcast Reel with 6 foot rod
  • Crank bait, shallow diver
  • 3 pack of holographic lures – they look like minnows
  • 120 rounds 223
  • 60 rounds 7.62×39
  • 20 rounds 308 Winchester 150 grain Remington Core-Lokt
  • 1 box (25) Mustard brand circle hooks
  • 1 package (8) Eagle Claw 4/0 all purpose hook
  • 1 spool (30 feet) Berkley 60 pound nylon coated wire
  • 1 pack (4) energizer advanced lithium AAA batteries – 10 year shelf life
  • 1 pack zoom tiny brush hogs
  • 1 pack artificial worms for bass fishing
  • 2 small carabiners (non-climbing) for attaching gear to a pack
  • 1 package Eagle Claw 3/0 safety snaps with barrel swivel

More Survival Gear

With these survival gear additions we should be able to fish, setup a trotline, hunt medium sized game, and provide security.

The 223 is for a security weapon that is to be used around the Bug Out Location, the 7.62×39 would either be used for security or for hog sized game, and the 308 is for anything from wild hogs to deer sized game.

During the 2010 – 2011 hunting season my nephew took a couple of whitetail deer with his Remington bolt action rifle chambered in 308 Winchester.  Both deer ran about 20 feet from where they were shot.

The open face reel, lures and new rod are for bass fishing, perch and for small catfish.

The trotline material is for running trotlines – what else do you do with trotline stuff.

The Berkley nylon coated wire is for making homemade leaders for catfishing and saltwater fishing.  Even though I do not do a lot of saltwater fishing, I still want to be able to make my leaders when they are needed.

The AAA lithium batteries will either stay here at my home, or they will get moved to the Bug Out Location.  Back in June of 2011 some survival gear came up missing from the Bug Out Location.  Some AAA lithium batteries and an LED flashlight just disappeared.  The LED light was found a month later next to the propane tank, but the batteries have yet to be found.

Someone took the light out to the tank to turn on the propane, and forgot to bring it back inside.  While mowing the grass, my mom spotted the light laying on the ground.  Since we have some batteries that are missing in action, they need to be replaced.  After taking inventory, I will decide to bring the batteries to the Bug Out Location or add them to my stocks here at the house.

Most of the items bought over the past couple of weeks are for security and gathering food, such as hunting and fishing.  Hopefully, in the next few weeks I will be able to order some Mountain House foods.  Over the past few months I have been focused on stockpiling everything from batteries to seeds.  Something that has been overlooked is long term storage food preps.  But that should be fixed in the next few months.

Final Thoughts

During some kind of long term SHTF survival situation, I am hoping to divide my food production into maybe 4 or  categories – hunting, fishing, seasonal gardening, fruit trees and livestock.  My cousin and I have been combining our resources to raise some hogs.  Maybe after we get them moved into a larger pen I can make a video and post an article the hogs.

Post your comments in this forum thread about recent survival gear additions.

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