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Cleaning Up The Bug Out Location

The day started out around 8 am with a shower, breakfast bar, and a monster energy drink.  From there my wife and I went to the local wal-mart, step daughters house, rented a carpet cleaner, sonic for a cheese burger, and the local feed and fertilizer store.

From the feed store, we went to the camp to meet up with my parents and some other family members.  After arriving at the camp, we cleaned out a spot for my uncles RV.  My uncle and my aunt got on the hunting lease with my family, so their going to be parking their RV at my parents place.  We had one person on a Craftsman chainsaw, one person on a pole saw, and 3 people pulling limbs out of the way.

survivalist camp bug out location

Some of my observations:

The soap dispensers that I brought to the camp worked well.  We have 2 dispensers at the kitchen sink and master bedroom sink.

We need some more had tools.  My dad was working on the lawnmower and needed some tools.  We had enough to get the job done, but some extras would not hurt.

My mom found an LED flashlight that had been left outside.  Someone used the light to turn on the propane tank, and left the light outside.  One good thing, even after being left outside in the rain, the light still worked.  I have no idea how long the ;light had been outside, but it still worked.

I will probably buy a couple more

We need more hand tools, such as machetes, axes, shovels,,,, stuff like that.  Lets say that some kind of long term SHTF situation happens, we will need hand tools to work the fields.  What good does seed do, if you have no way to work the ground.

The ammunition stockpile looks good – we have several boxes of 223, 7.62×39, 30-30, 308, 30-06, 270, 280 and 22 long rifle.

Pistol ammo, I would like to have some more of are 9mm, 45 acp and 40S&W.

Rifle ammo, I would like to have some more 30-30, 9mm and 308, but that is just something I am going to have to work on.

Shotgun ammo, we could probably use some more #4 shot and some 00 buckshot.

But over all, if my family had to bug out to the camp, ammunition should not be an issue.  Ammunition is one of those things that you can not have enough of.

Now for a random video about survival gear:

On the topic of the ammunition stockpile, I would like to buy a set of shelves and move all of the ammo together in one location. Right now there are boxes spread out through 3 different rooms. The ammo needs to be centralized in one location.

While at the camp I thought about stockpiling diesel for the tractor. There are certain issues with stockpiling diesel, but having diesel for the tractor could really help kick start a garden. Instead of having to work the first garden by hand, we could use the tractor to work up 2 or 3 acres. Having 2 or 3 acres of land that has been worked up by a tractor could really help out in a long term SHTF situation. As for stockpiling diesel at a bug out location, I do not have an answer.

One of my big concerns is safe drinking water.  Even though I have a Royal Berkey that I keep at the camp, I do not think that a 2 filter unit could keep up during the summer time.  I might have to buy a couple more filters, so that the Royal Berkey is filtering though 4 filters.

We have a water well, but the well is not used enough to keep the water clean.

Our other water source is a nearby stream.  The issue is that people living up steam have livestock.  The run off from the livestock could introduce waterborne infections like Cryptosporidium and E. Coli.

While I was at the camp I made sure to water the oak trees that I am trying to grow.  The oak trees are part of my long term survival plans, as I want a natural setting that draws wild hogs and deer into a certain area of a field.  The field is overlooked by a deer stand, so anything that crosses the field should be easy pickings.

We had a slight injury Saturday, when some ran into a leveling blade that was attached to the tractor.  The first aid kit was used, and a bandage was applied.

Overall, it was nice visiting with my uncles and aunts. Hopefully I can learn from this trip to the bug out location and can improve on the essentials that we may need to survive a long term SHTF situation.



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