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December 2013 Farm Update And Projects

After looking through my youtube video I realized I have not uploaded a video in a couple of months.  The last video I uploaded was on September 15, 2013, which makes 3 months.  In all honesty I had not realized it had been so long.

So what has been going on?

Added some lean-tos on the shed to park the tiller and lawnmower under.

Got a deer feeder setup about 100 years behind the house.

Added some pvc pipe to the deer feeder legs to prevent coons from climbing the legs.  Raccoons have been climbing the legs and turning the spinner, which dumps a lot of corn on the ground.  the corn is not for coons, it is for deer and hogs.

After watching the video I was embarrassed at how much weight I have put on over the past few years.

From 1986 – 1999 I working in various welding shops in southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana. In 1999, after going to Lamar College in Port Arthur for several years, and after getting laid-off at Allied Fabrication in Rose City Texas, I decided it was time to change careers.  I found a job working for a high speed internet service provider in the Kingwood Texas area.  the sad part about working for the internet provide, they paid terrible wages.

After almost losing everything I had due to low wages paid by companies like Kingwood cablevision and Shaw communications, my wife and moved back to the Orange Texas area where we both found jobs.

For the past 9 years I have been working at a desk job in a computer related field.  It is a great job, the pay is ok, but no overtime like what I had to work in the welding field.  As a result of my career change and poor eating habits, the weight has been creeping on.

In the past 9 years I have put on around 40 pounds.

When I started my current job I weighed around 160 pounds.

9 years later and I weigh around 200 pounds.

Future Farm Projects

One of my main projects is to lose this weight I have put on by my bad eating habits.  I want to be honest, I love food.  Whether it is pizza, cheeseburgers or beer, I love to eat and drink.  My weight is a direct result of eating and drinking too much.

Fence off 7 acres for cattle and either goats or sheep.

Build a new chicken house.

Build a deck on the back of the house.

Build a barn / workshop near the house.

Somewhere in all of that get a water well drilled.

Main Projects Right Now

My main projects for the past month, and for the next month or so is cleaning up the tree limbs and bent trees that the loggers did not take with them.

Moving the trees, stacking the piles of limbs, burning the piles,, is a very time consuming process.

I probably have a dozen sweet gum trees to cut down that are on the fence row.  Those trees were too small for the loggers and will need to be removed by chainsaw.

One area where I want to put a fence line is probably 300 feet of nothing but brush and tree limbs left by the loggers. We are looking at a whole weekend, maybe 2 weekends just clearing out for that section of fence, and then burning the piles of debris.


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