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Disappointed In YouTube Video Views

Bushel of potatoesGuys and gals, what gives in the number of views my YouTube videos are getting? Why do I have 38,878 subscribers (as of March 2018) but my videos only get a few hundred views?  Why would someone subscribe to my YouTube channel if they are not going to watch my videos?

I suspect some of the subscribers may have been spam bots, but surely not all of them?

Out of all of the prepping channels on YouTube, mine covers the widest variety of topics, but no firearms. When I joined the google adsense program over a decade ago the writing was on the wall. Google YouTube would not tolerate hunting or gun videos.

Sometime around 2007 or 2008 I posted a video on how to skin a squirrel. The video was flagged as animal cruelty and my account received a warning. From that time forward I never posted another hunting video. Even when people posted request on skinning videos, I avoided the topic.

Maybe my avoiding the sensitive topics cot me viewers? However, it kept me out of hot water with google and YouTube.

If any of the readers subscribe to my YouTube channel, is there a reason why you do not watch the videos? What topics would you like to see covered in videos?

One issue may be that gardening does not get the flash and awe that gun videos get. Gardening and raising your own food is not as glorious as gun and knife videos.  Another issue is it seems everyone can do something better than what I can do.  Whether it is fishing, hunting, gardening, guns, reviews.. someone has something bad to say.  However, when you click on the persons profile they have not uploaded a single video.

Maybe YouTube is a median between those that do and those that do not do?

  • Those that do post videos.
  • Those that do not do post hateful comments.

Maybe my channel falls somewhere in the middle?  Sure there are better produced channels, but few cover the range of content I do.

I simply do not understand why my YouTube channel and my blog get so view views?

There are things I want to do around the farm, and those projects are dependent upon my internet income.  The more views my YouTube videos get, and the more views my blog gets, the more I am able to do. The more I am able to do, the more information I am able to provide the viewers and readers. If the readers and viewers want prepping information, it is self-defeating not visiting the blog and watching the YouTube videos.

How many prepping channels has posted a wide variety of as mine?  From fishing, to gardening, to hiking.. etc, we have covered jut about everything.

In the next couple of days I am going to germinate decade old seeds, again. How many prepping channels show germinating decade old seeds and showing squash grown from 10 year old seeds?

In 2018 we are going to grow a garden from 10 and 11 year old seeds.  How many prepping channels do that?  Not very many, because not very many survivalist YouTube channels are serious.  Other channels talk, but few show.

So why do my videos get so views?


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