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Effects of Globalization on Global Conflicts

With tensions with china and the U.S. on the rise, what would happen if we went to war with china?

When you buy a product, do you read to label to see where it was made?  How many “made in china” products do you see?  I am willing to bet the majority of products you buy are made in china.

What do you think would happen if everything made in communist china was suddenly cut off from the U.S market?

Clothes, computer parts, shoes, toys,,,,, just about everything we consume is made in Asia.

What would stores like Best Buy and Walmart do without shipments of made in communist china products?  How would the public react if they could not buy the latest and greatest tech toys?  How would the auto industry react if they could not get parts?

How are we supposed to fight a war if we can not even make engines, transmissions, brake pads, computer chips, circuit boards and wheel bearings? How are we supposed to build ships without steel mills?

In the movie Patton starring George C. Scott, Patton made a comment that he knew the Germans were finished.  The Germans had been defeated because they were using horses and wagons instead of armored vehicles.

Think about that for a minute, Patton knew the Germans were defeated when the Germans could no longer manufacture or maintain their vehicles.

Since communist china makes a lot of parts for the industry, where does that leave us?  Will china only have to fight half a war?  1 – stop shipments of parts to the U.S.  2- destroy the limited manufacturing capability we have left.

National security has been sacrificed on the alter of free trade

When I was 10 or 12 years old, my uncle was telling me about world War II. My family is full of history buffs. After Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, my dad, uncles and my grandfather would stand around and talk about history. Something my uncle told me 30+ years ago has stayed in my head. If you want to bring a nation to its knees, all you have to do is destroy its ability to produce bearings. If its motorized, it “has” to have wheel bearings – motor bearings, wheel bearings and bearings in the axles.

Where are most of our automotive items made? In china.

How did we reach this point? Big business in their quest to maximize profits bulldozed free trade agreements through congress. Screw national security, as long as companies are making money, who cares. As long as stockholders are getting a good return, who cares.

In the early 1980s there were three shipyards in southeast Texas that shutdown. Between the three shipyards and related industries, probably close to 10,000 people lost their jobs. Its taken over 3 decades for the economy to even start to stabilize. When the shipyards closed, people went from making $17 – $20 an hour, to $5 – $8 an hour. Minimum wage at the time was $3.35 an hour. The economy of southeast Texas (Orange and Beaumont area) was devastated.

In the years after the shipyards closed, the land the shipyards sat on and the equipment was auctioned off.

In other words, shipyards in southeast Texas that had built ships from World War II to the 1980s were closed and auctioned off. If companies like GM and the banks can get bailed out? Why couldn’t the shipyards be saved?

Shipyards build ships and barges that help ensure national security, what do banks do? Who needs a home loan when the enemy is bombing the crap out of you?

Have we become too spoiled for war

Do we care who is president? Do we care about current events? Do we care about anything besides going to work, playing on the internet and watching TV?

Has society reached a point where we do not care about anything that is not on our smart phone?

There was once a time when we cared where things were made.  There was once a time when people paid attention to current events.  There was once a time when we did not deal with communist governments.

When I was growing up in the 1970s and 1980s, there was a mindset that anything made outside the USA was junk.  These days, nobody seems to care where anything is made.

What would happen if we walked into walmart, best buy, kmart, sears, frys,,, and the shelves were empty?  What would Black Friday be like without made in china products?

Death of the middle class

Organized labor gave birth to the middle class.

The great depression reset the gains achieved by organized labor.

World War II brought the U.S. out of the depression and helped the middle class grain a foothold.

From 1945 – 1980 the middle class flourished and prospered.

Big business saw the middle class was collecting wealth, so big business decided it was time for another reset. This time instead of a crash, the jobs that supported the middle class will be shipped to low wage nations.

The death of the middle class in the U.S. through free trade, will lead to the rise of a middle class in the nation that receives the jobs.

Lets take communist china as an example. Will the government tolerate a new class of people who can afford to buy political influence? If the middle class starts to gain political influence, will a nation like communist china orchestrate a depression to reset the new middle class?

How does a nation purge millions of people? Through war. Too many people demanding a fair wage? Just send a few million to war.

Isn’t that what happened with World War II? First we had a depression to rest the collection of wealth obtained by the middle class, then kill a few million through war.

With the entire world looking at an economic slowdown, is the solution to go to war? War stimulates the economy, and kills off millions of people.


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