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Fake Prepping Websites Diminishing The Community

Was scrolling through my Facebook feed when an ad came up for a prepping facebook page. The ad was something along the lines of “Best prepping website on the Internet.”

We all know SurvivalistBoards and my blog are the best prepping / survivalist sites on the internet. Besides that, I thought sure, I will check it out, why not.

Kevin Felts at the Angelina River

So went to the Facebook page for the site, clicked a link and looked through several of their articles. Every article I saw was maybe 200 words, and then a link to another site.

I visited the other site, and guess what, it was the same short articles with no original content. Articles were along the lines of “Stockpile these 10 items now”…. the typical click bait article titles.

There was no way to comment on the articles. If there had been a way to leave a comment, I would have called them out for being nothing but a spam site.

It was like the sites were trying to do a link chain where the reader will go from site, to site, to site…. and never read any meaningful information.

I followed one of the articles to three different sites, and on the third site was some pictures and a real article. The final article had nothing to do with what the first site was talking about.

The goal of the sites is to generate ad revenue as easily as possible. Some of the articles are nothing more than pictures from Amazon with a link to Amazon to buy the item. No original content, no hands on, no nothing.

What gets me, some of these pages have a huge followers. They are not providing any real information, maybe just a picture or a meme. None of the articles shows any of the authors doing anything.

I feel those types of sites diminish the overall value of the prepping community. They are set up to do two things:

  1. Make an amazon sale.
  2. Ad impressions / banner clicks.

What happened to the days when preppers / survivalist actually did something? Such as planting a garden, going fishing… etc.

As the founder of this community I try to set an example with my videos, articles, and blog. It seems part of the prepping community has turned into memes, images, and little more. Why learn how to fish when someone can read a meme on how to do it?

Here is one of my recent garden updates:

As this article is written I am 50 years old and remember the cold war. My first grade teacher went over duck and cover drills. Then there was granny with her milk cow, chickens, guineas, fig tree, pear treas… etc. My grandfather always had a garden. I remember picking strawberries when I was maybe 5 years old. Feeding the chickens, fishing, pulling potatoes as far back as I can remember

The so called “prepping” I see spamming on facebook is a far cry from what “real” prepping is. It is sad to see more people interested in memes and images than actually getting out and doing stuff.

Thank you listening and letting me vent.


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