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Fruit Trees and Orchards For 2018

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There is an area close to the chicken yard that I would like to clear out for a small orchard of fruit trees.  It only measures around 50 X 75 feet, maybe 50 X 100 feet.  Just large enough to plant some mayhaw, fig and pear trees.  Not a lot of trees, maybe a handful of each.  There is a good size sweet gum tree in the way of this orchard.  Cutting the sweet gum tree down and burning the stump would not be a big deal, just time consuming.

Another spot is on old fence line that is overgrown with small oaks and sweet gums.  This is around 400 feet long and would have full sun.  The issue with this one, it would require a LOT of work to cut all the sweet gum and small oak trees out, then burn the stump to make sure they do not come back.  This location does not have access to water, while the other location does.

I am thinking the spot nearest the chicken yard would be better. A water hose to it, and the guineas and chickens would eat bugs, and their manure would help fertilize the trees.  The manure would not be a big help, but it would be something.

Fruit Tree Production

In all honesty I need to get my fruit trees producing.  They have been neglected over the past few years and are not producing like they should.

Behind the house are three nectarine trees I have totally ignored for the past few years.

At the cabin is a nice fig tree that has been neglected. This would be an excellent fig producing tree if taken care of.

Two of my pear trees have vines on them.

Fig trees in the chicken yard are not doing well.

I am rather ashamed at how I have let the fruit tree get into this situation.

The only trees that are doing good are the apple trees, but they are not producing. If I understand things right, apple trees have to cross pollinate. The trees I have bloom at different times, so they can not pollinate each other. The solution would be to plant more apple trees.

One of my plum trees died.

Two of my fig trees died.

As for fruit trees, things have been a mess.  I have neglected them, and some have died.  This has to change.  How am I supposed to make jelly and have fresh fruit when my trees are not producing?

Stone Fruit

I think one of my mistakes is I have been planting too many stone fruit trees.

What are stone fruit?  They are fruit that has a large seed.  Peaches for example are stone fruit.  These types are trees are traditionally more difficult to grow than say pear or fig.

I keep thinking about the fruit trees my granny grew.  She did not mess with peach, plum or apple.  All she had were pear and fig.

The goal should be to stay focused on the important things, and not the things I want.  There is a difference between wants and needs.  I need fruit production.  I want a variety of fruit.

If too much of a variety is planted, maybe I am dividing my time and resources?

In 2018 I may only plant:

  • Blueberry.
  • Fig.
  • Pear.

Why blueberry?  For the nutrients.

That is it for now.  I will keep yall updated on how things are going.


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