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Gun Cleaning Supplies at the Bug Out Location

This evening I was cleaning my FN/FAL, at which time I realized my gun cleaning supplies at the bug out location were going through a can opener syndrome. The “can opener syndrome” is when someone overlooks the small items. That you might be so focused on buying #10 cans, that you forget to stockpile can openers.

DS-Arms SA58 FN/FAL next to a river in southeast Texas

With gun cleaning supplies, people are probably more focused on stockpiling ammo, and shooting their firearms, that the forget about buying cleaning supplies.

Gun Cleaning Items

  • Storage Box – something to store the items in. In my case, I am using a large tackle box
  • Copper bore brushes – for scrubbing the inside of the barrel
  • Gun oil – I like the pump spray bottles
  • Hoppes #9 powder solvent
  • Bore light – I use an led light with a flex neck
  • Screw drivers
  • Cleaning rods – for pushing the bore brush through the barrel
  • Cloth patches

When my wife and I go to the local china-mart, sometimes I will go by the sporting goods section and pickup some various cleaning supplies. One day I might pick up a 308 bore brush, the next day I might pick up a 9mm bore brush, the next day I might pick up a bottle of gun oil, the next day a bottle of powder solvent,,,,,, and so on.

The problem is, I keep a lot of the gun cleaning supplies at my home and very few of them are brought to the bug out location.  Just like with lithium batteries,  led flashlights, water filters, blankets, cooking supplies,,,,, I will have to start stockpiling a small amount of cleaning supplies at the camp.  When my family is at the camp we normally do not spend a lot of time cleaning our firearms.  But then again, we only spend a few days there at a time.  If we were there full time, like after some kind of SHTF situation, we will need a way to keep the firearms clean and functioning properly.

Maybe I can put together some kind of small tackle box with some patches, bore brushes, gun oil, screw drivers, punch pin,,,, bring it to the camp and leave it there.  That way if or when we need the supplies they will be there.

Currently we have a small otters gun cleaning kit, but its only for a couple of calibers, and does not have any cloth patches and only a little bit of gun oil.

Spare Parts

Besides the cleaning supplies, something else that I thought about storing at the remote camp is spare parts, mainly spare firing pins, various springs and extractors.

A lot of the ammunition that is being stockpiled for the AR-15 and AK-47 is steel casing.  Steel casing ammo has a reputation of being hard on extractors.  To keep the firearms in working order I thought about ordering a couple of repair kits for the AK and AR.  For the FN/FAL, all I am buying is Remington core-lokt 150 grain brass case ammo.

Stockpiling brass or steel cased ammunition:

Last weekend I was at a buddies house, and we were talking about stockpiling 223, 7.62×39, 308,,,,, various types of ammunition.

I told my buddy that I was stockpiling Monarch 223 and Monarch 7.62×39 from academy sports and outdoors. Its steel cased ammo, but it only cost $4.89 for a box of 20.

My buddy replied that he did not like to shoot steel case ammo through his rifle. So he was buying the little more expensive American Tactical brass ammo.

In fact, my buddy offered to give me a 30mm ammo can full of wolf to bring to the bug out location. I declined his offer, but I might take him up on it later on.

In my FN/FAL I only shoot remington core-lokt 150 grain – at this time. I am thinking of getting some American Tactical brass ammo or some American Eagle for target shooting.

For rifles like the 30-30, 30-06,,,, and the other hunting rifles are we are stockpiling is brass case ammo like remington, winchester and federal.

The question is, what kind of ammo are you stockpiling? Are you buying the cheap steel case stuff, or are you paying a little more for brass casing?


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