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Human innovation after a collapse

If there is something about humans that has ensured the survival of the human race, it has to be our level of creativity and our level of innovation.

If a man (or woman) has an axe, they can cut trees to build a home. that axe allows them to clear land for crops or livestock which will help ensure a steady supply of food.

If a man has a pole line and hook, they will catch fish.

Give a man some seeds and he will grow a garden.

What makes today so much different then 1348

For those of you that do not know what happened in 1348, that is when the Black Death (bubonic plague) entered Europe. Possibly as many as 1/3 of the entire population of Europe died between 1348 – 1350.

Hiking trip in Southeast Texas

Humans have harnessed science. Not that we fully understand science, but at least we have some kind of working grasp. We have vaccines, antibiotics, medical care, hospitals and trained medical professionals.

One thing that has not changed, is human greed. When the Swine Flu was first reported in Mexico, the president of the U.S. refused to close the borders. Closing the borders would cost companies too much money. When a new disease develops, we can expect the government and big business to put profits ahead of public safety. Human greed knows no limits.

Hunting and fishing is one thing that has drastically changed over the past 600+ years. Today, fishing poles, fishing line, hooks, bait, rifles, shotguns, ammunition,,,, is common place in most society.

If worse came to worse, most people have a fishing pole they can do down to a local lake or river and go fishing. Items used for outdoor sports can be used as survival gear during a long term SHTF / TEOTWAWKI survival situation. In the 1340s people did not have access to such sporting gear.

Free time to prepare for a disaster

Since mankind first walked the face of the earth we have had to focus on 3 things for our survival – eating, sleeping and sex.

Human innovation has led to the development of machines that preform jobs more effectively then humans. Innovation of machines has led to more free time.

Innovation has led to freeze dried foods, mylar bags, improved steel for knives and tools.

Innovation has improved our ability to prep.

Free time allows us to have hobbies and time to develop more machines.

In developed nations, humans probably have more free time then in the entire history of our species.

This free time also allows us to prepare for disasters.

To some people “prepping” might sound like a form of paranoia. But to survivalist, prepping is a lifestyle. Some people collect stamps, survivalist collect survival gear for SHTF / TEOTWAWKI.
Innovation has led to a better understanding of how to raise crops, fertilizer requirements, mulch and compost bins.

Innovation has led to improved methods of water purification, which decreases waterborne pathogens.

Raising chickens for shtf / teotwawki

Barred Rock on perch inside chicken coop

Innovation has led to improved breeds of chickens, which means higher egg yields, disease resistance, cold hardy. Livestock is an often overlooked area for survivalist. Its one thing to stockpile #10 cans of freeze dried eggs, its another thing to have a flock of chickens for a supply of fresh eggs.

Innovation has led to ways to contain animals that would otherwise have to be hunted, such as rabbits and pigs.

Pigs require lots of feed, they stink and attract flies (flies facilitate the spread of disease, such as Shigella). For most urban dwellers, keeping a pig in the backyard is just not feasible.
With a few 2x4s, nails, hammer, saw, hardware cloth, tape measure and a couple pieces of tin we can build a rabbit coop or a chicken coop. Do you have a fenced in backyard? Then you have a chicken yard.

Innovation has led to better steel for hand tools. This means anyone can buy a hoe, rake, shovel,,, everything a family would need to plant a home garden.

Unlike in the medieval times and middle ages when people were working the fields with wooden tools, we use tools made from steel.

How will these innovations be used after a collapse

One of the issues facing mankind, how well will people adapt to a life after a collapse?

A domesticated dog will go to its food bowl and wait to be fed.

A coyote will catch a mouse.

Humans are like domesticated dogs. We go to the grocery store, restaurant or fast food place when we are hungry. Over the course of a few thousand years humans have gone from hunter gathers, to playing on the internet. Most people have lost that primal drive to do whatever it takes to survive. We have grown fat and lazy and domesticated.

If or when the time comes, will people be able to utilize the tools needed for their long term survival? Its one thing to go fishing for sport, its one thing to raise tomatoes for fun. There is a difference between doing something for fun, and doing something because you have to.

Modern day innovations have made life what it is today – electricity, roads, internet, computers, phones, tablets, smart phones,,, technology has had a major impact on our lives.

Humans resist change, that is just the way it is, that is the way its always been and that is the way its going to be, probably forever.

This resistance can also be a hindrance during a survival situation. People may not want to eat foods they are not used to eating. People may go into a type of shock being suddenly thrust into a new world.

Its our level of innovation and planning that will allow the human race to overcome just about any collapse.

In the movie 28 Days Later, there was a comment about the infected “never growing grain, never baking bread, they have no future”. If we can say one thing about mankind, we have the innovation and motivation to ensure our long term survival. If we lacked either trait, we would have gone extinct thousands of years ago.

Mankind has survived where other species have died off – Mammoths, Mastodons, Neanderthals, Homo Erectus,,, are now part of the fossil record, while mankind has conquered all that stands in front of him.


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