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While on a recent camping trip with some friends, I started taking mental notes about the possible issues we could have after SHTF.  I like to go on camping trips, or trips away from home, and then take notes about the issues that we faced.

Safe drinking water – life as we know it can not exist without safe drinking water.  Any water that goes in your eyes, on your face, in your mouth (even to brush your teeth) must be filtered or purified.  So one of the big issues is finding safe drinking water.

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I wear contacts, so one of the big issues that I will be facing is safe water to wash my contacts in.  Or just say screw the contacts and wear my glasses.  After some kind of SHTF situation, my contacts will probably be put up, and my glasses will be worn.

Awhile back I posted a video on youtube about personal hygiene kits, here is that video.

Brushing teeth – once again, this is dependent on safe drinking water.

Food Safety – one of the biggest issues is probably going to be food safety, keeping food cold so that it does not spoil, and keeping insects off of food.  The majority of  todays homes are not equipped with screen doors, only screened windows.  As the power goes off, people will be opening doors and windows to let the air circulate.  If the doors are opened, flys and other insects will enter the home.

Dried foods in resealable containers should not be an issue, unless the containers are left open for a period of time.

Shigella – is a food borne disease that is transmitted when incests land on infected objects (like waste water), and then land on food for human consumption.  Because of Shigella and other related diseases, dealing with waste water (feces), and food safety are related.  Making sure waste water is not exposed to where incests can land on it, making sure that doors and windows have screens, and making sure that cooked is covered will help ensure food safety.

After the food is cooked, the pots, pans and dishes should be washed to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Hand washing – the number 1 way to prevent the spread of disease is through hand washing.

Hot water shower – pick up a solar shower, their usually sold that local sporting goods store, or on camping websites. Set up a privacy shelter, fill up the solar shower and set it out in the sun for a couple of hours. The hot in the solar shower can get as hot as 100 degrees.

A good shower also acts as a moral booster, getting to wash the filth out of your hair, wash your face, wash your butt,,,,, helps with a persons overall moral and helps to keep people clean.

Pick up 3, 4 or even 5 solar showers, and issue them to people in your group. Each person can be responsible for your own shower.

Vaccinations – there are vaccines available for diseases like rotavirus and Hepatitis A. If your in the “at risk” group, consider getting your vaccinations.

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