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If You Had Seven Days Notice Before SHTF

Lets say the public was given a seven days notice before the start of a major global conflict. Rarely does that kind of advance knowledge leak out to the public. For the sake of discussion lets say for once the public knows what is going to happen a week ahead of time.

One of the incidents I am referring to is the leak that Israel may attack Iran during Yum Kippor.

I have been hearing various rumors for over 2 decades, so I take them with a grain of salt and keep living life.

The word has leaked out, you do a review of your survival gear stockpile, now what?

What does your water stockpile look like?
What does your ammunition stockpile look like?
What does your fuel stockpile look like?
What about seeds for your long term survival garden, communications, livestock, livestock feed, firearms, propane,,, and other preps.

Firearms For SHTF

If you do not have your firearm and ammunition stockpile ready before SHTF, do not count on accumulating supplies after SHTF.

Lets say you had a 1 week notice, what would you buy? Would you buy ammunition, and sacrifice resources to buy food, water, livestock feed, fuel,,,?

Ruger 10/22 and Marlin model 60 side by side

Even if you have money to buy ammunition, what makes you think there is going to be anything on the shelves?

Would you rather buy ammunition, food, water, food for the livestock?

My 13 chickens (hens, no roosters) go through a 50 pound bag of laying mash every two weeks. For the price of 200 pounds of laying mash (4 – 50 pound bags), which would last around 2 months, I could buy 100 rounds of Federal 223 Remington.

Would you rather have 2 months of eggs, or would you rather have 100 rounds of 223 Remington?

Then there is the waiting period and permits that some sates have setup. Even if you wanted to buy a firearm, would you have enough time to go through the waiting period, background check, and permit application period?

Stockpiling Food for SHTF

Food and water will some of the first items to disappear off the shelf. Under normal levels of purchasing, grocery stores have about 2 – 3 days worth if food. Most grocery stores get shipments in everyday. When panic buying kicks in, the grocery stores will be cleaned out in a matter of hours. A good example of this panic buying is when a hurricane is approaching the Continental United States. People will go into a panic buying frenzy.

Stockpiling canned foods for SHTF / TEOTWAWKI

The first food items to disappear are the popular types of food that most people eat – milk, bread, dairy, dried pasta, canned pasta, rice, beans, chili, canned meats, tuna fish,,,,.

The last things to disappear are the less popular types of food, such as sardines, canned olives, canned fish (besides tuna),,, stuff that the majority of the people do not eat.

Drinking Water

Bottled water is a popular food item that will disappear quickly. With that in mind, what are your water solutions for a long term SHTF / TEOTWAWKI situation?

My long term water solution is a water well with a pitcher pump on top of it. A one week notice is not very much time to drill the well. Its not that a well takes “that” long to drill, its a matter of getting the supplies, such as a screened drivepoint, getting people together to help drive the well,,, and so on.

Without access to safe drinking water, live as we know it can not exist. As water goes, so goes society. The quality of society will be no greater then the water the society has access to.

There are two things that facilitate modern society, one is electricity, the other is safe drinking water.


If you had one week notice, how much fuel would you buy? Surely you would gas up your truck, car or SUV. But what about fuels like kerosene and propane?

Would you buy a bunch of 1 pound propane bottles, or a couple of 20 pound propane bottles? Would you sacrifice money that could be used for food to buy propane and kerosene?

Generators are a short term solution to a long term problem. With that in mind, would you buy a lot of fuel for the generator?

The question I have to ask myself, is kerosene and propane more important then food and water? Every dollar spent on fuel leaves less money for food.

I have around a dozen one pound bottles of propane, and two 20 pound bottles of propane that are used for crawfish boils. Then I have an adapter that connects a 20 pound bottle of propane to a coleman stove.

What about liquid stove fuel? Why stockpile liquid fuel for your stove instead of propane?

Seeds / Garden Supplies

snap beans survivalist gardenDo your long term survival plans include growing your own food? If so, what kind of seeds do you have stockpiled?

If you had a one week notice, what kind of seeds would you stockpile? Would you buy beans, corn, greens, melons, squash, zucchini, spinach,,,?

Surely you already have some kind of seed stockpiled for SHTF? Would you review that stockpile then go from there?

What kind of plants would you focus on? Grains, corn, greens, melons,,,, or something else?

My seed stockpile focuses on beans, peas, greens, squash, zucchini, corn, melons and a few other odds and ends.

If I had a one week notice, I would head down to the local feed and fertilizer store, buy a couple 50 pound bags of 13-13-13 fertilizer, a bunch of peas, beans, squash, zucchini, onions, spinach,,, just a mixture of nutrient rich food.

My dad has a tractor at the camp. If I had a one week notice, I would probably fuel the tractor up with diesel. This would allow my family and I to plow the fields for at least 1 full year, maybe 2 years.

Why work the fields with hand tools when you have access to a tractor?

The fertilizer, seeds and tractor are all part of a long term survival plan – work the fields, fertilize, plant the seeds, harvest.

Livestock For SHTF

Besides the garden, there are the livestock. Between February – March 2012 my wife and I bought 13 hens. At around 7 months old, those 13 hens are laying between 6 – 10 eggs a day. Eggs are an excellent source of fats and protein.

If I had a one week warning, I would probably buy 200 pounds (4 – 50 pound bags) of laying crumbles, a couple bags of hen scratch, 50 pound of oats and a couple of bags of ground oyster shells. The oyster shells help strengthen the egg shells.

Raising chickens for SHTF

Besides the chicken feed, I might buy several hundred feet of 1×2 inch fence wire. This would allow my family and I to build a secure chicken pen. For fence post we would use small pine trees.

The chicken coop my wife and I built is wide enough to load on a trailer. If we have to bug out to the camp, my wife and I can load the chicken coop on the trailer and take it with us. Thus the need for a secure chicken pen.

Worse comes to worse, my family and I head to the camp, setup the chicken coop along with the chicken yard, plow the fields, spread the fertilizer, plant the seeds, get a rooster from my cousin, let the chickens do their thing while the crops are growing.

I would love to have some goats, but is one week notice enough time? There are always ads in the local paper from people wanting to sell goats. But if they had the same notice that you had, would they sell their goats? If I knew some kind of SHTF situation was about to happen, there is no way I would sell my chickens.


A buddy of mine and I were talking about buying some hand-held radios. These radios would be useful for short range communications, but what about long range?

If you had a one week notice, would you buy a ham-radio, cb radio, talk to your family and friends about your plans and disregard communications?

FEMA recommends that people agree on someone outside the affected area to act as a communications liaison. That is fine and dandy for region disasters. This article is discussing something on a world wide level.

Unless you want to get into HAM radios, let your friends and family know your primary and backup plans. If a family member were to show up at your house, and you were not home, where would you likely be at?

In the grand scheme of things, I think smart phones have been overlooked. Smart phones are popular for texting, making calls and internet access. An overlooked feature is the the mini-HDMI port for streaming video to TVs. But to stream video from a smart phone to a TV, you will need a micro-HDMI port to standard size HDMI.

When the power grid goes down, most communication towers have propane powered backup generators. These backup generators allow cellphones to operate for an amount of time after the main power grid goes down. This means smart phones may be able to access the internet and send messages when other forms of communication go down.

What would I do if I had 1 week notice? I already have a hand powered cell phone charger, so I might look into a couple of hand-held radios, or maybe a 12 volt CB radio.

But then again, every penny spent on a temporary communications device is less money for food, water, seeds, and feed for the livestock.


This article is meant to be a point of discussion. If you and some of your buddies were sitting around a camp fire talking about possible SHTF situations, hopefully yall might talk about some of the points included in this article.

Because long term survival plans are so varied, I doubt there is a perfect answer. Review your plans, or better yet, have a friend review your plans. Figure out the weak spots, areas that may need improving and go from there.


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