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Survivalist, do you have a long term survival plans? We are not talking 3 days, or 3 weeks, or 3 months,,, how about 3 years? If there was a total break down of society, what would you do?

My plans are like a flow chart, with a bunch of “ifs” on it. If power, no power, if long term, if short term, if food runs out before life returns back to normal, when will the local community have support from the outside world, is the disaster local, nation wide or world wide.

In all there are 4 major plans – A, B, C, & D.

Survival Plan A

The first level in your survival food preps are the frozen foods in your freezer and the foods that you have to keep cold.  In the event of a power outage, these are the foods that should be cooked and eaten first.

The main course for the first week or so will be meat and anything else in the freezers. The time line for this depends on the generator. If the power goes out, gas = food. For every day we can keep the food in the freezer frozen, or cold, that is an extra day we get to eat out of it. One of my investments has been a 100 quart 5 day cooler. Storing some frozen good in these high quality ice chest could extend their freshness by 5 – days This is the deep freezer. It is full of deer meat, sausage, hamburger and ribs. Each package of ribs has 3 slabs in it. The white packages are full of deer mixed with beef hamburger. Notice the tub in the top right hand corner, we will discuss that in a little bit.

If the power goes out, and the food is spoiling before we can eat it – the plan is to have a massive bar-b-q and invite all our neighbors over. The smoker is used to make whatever into jerky. I like to think I have a way to cook without power. At this family reunion, I cooked enough for 100+ people at one time.

Survival Plan B

These are your storage foods – MREs, canned goods, dried beans and rice,,,, stuff like that.

Right now I have about 7 – 9 cases of MRE’s. Each person in the group should get a single case. This case is to be used for snacks and treats by that person. If we have more then 7 or 9 people, then the MRE’s will be divided up equally. The family unit is going to have to have group meals. No one should be allowed to cook their own meals or eat their meals on their own schedule. We eat at breakfast, dinner and supper. The MRE’s will fill in between those meals. Such as snacks or when the “munchies” set in.

Survival Plan C

Turnip greens survivalist gardenThis is the planting of food crops behind the house. Over the past couple of years I have experimented with certain crops to see which ones are the fastest growing. My stock pile of seeds has also been growing. At this very second I have enough seed for 2+ years of gardens, and over 300 pounds of fertilizer. Some of the seeds include greens, radishes, okra, spinach, onions, peans, beans, corn and a wide range of other types of crops. While stocking seeds, hybrids should be avoided when possible. This box is full of all kinds of stuff, more then I care to list.

Plans A & B can run together at the same time. What we have here is a bed of turnips greens. These are called “7 top turnips.” From what I understand, they do not produce a root ball, but instead just produce 7 leafy tops. Mixed in with these turnips are some onions. Along with eating out of the freezer, we will add fresh and what ever is growing in the garden.

The first crops to go in the ground would be radishes. These have a 30 day maturity rate. 1 – 2 weeks after the first planting of radishes, the second set goes down. At the same time as the radishes are planted (depending on the time of year), a few squash, zucchini, turnips, cabbage, collards, rutabagas or okra would be planted.

<—— Insert “IF” statement here.  ——>

If a disaster happens, will it be a long term or short term disaster?  Will it be a hurricane, or an outbreak of a new deadly disease?  Will the whole world be affected, or just a small geographical region?

Will you need to get your garden started, or will your short term food preps be enough?

Up until now we have been talking about people staying in their homes kind of stuff.  But what happens when your survival preps run out, and you have to have a place to bug out to?

Survival Plan D – Bugging Out

If you had to leave the urban jungle, do you have a place to go?

Inside the city, the weak spot is water. Unless you have a supply of  water, and a way to make it safe to drink, your not going to last very long.

Personally – I have a river about 4 – 5 miles from my house.  If the city water was shut off, I would have to transport the water from the river to my house, and then run it through my Berkey water filter. have no way to get water except what I have put up, or comes through the faucet. If my family and I had to leave our home, we would hook up the pit, load up our supplies in the back of the truck and SUV, and head to the camp.


As stated before, my primary way of cooking post SHTF is with a pit on a trailer.  At the camp I like to keep about 2+ cords of dried wood. So cooking should not be a problem. Part of the wood is pecan, which is used for smoking meat.

Survivalist wood stockpile

Plans are to add a vertical smoker to the front of the pit, so that I can have a portable smoke house.  That way I can make jerky or sausage.

Once you make it to your bug out location, your going to need to have the tools to get the job done.  These tools need to be customized to meet your own personal needs – whatever those needs are.  Some people might be able to have a complete farm, some people might need a deep well, some people might have access to ponds and fish, some people might have access to woodlands,,,,,, so needs are going to vary from person to person.

Farm Tools

The tractor always has some diesel in it. So working up the field should not be a problem for the first year.

Tractor working a garden area

We just need to bust up the ground then use a tiller to work the rows. Or even use hand tools to work the rows up. After the tiller and tractor run out of fuel, hand tools can be used to work the garden. The first year, the tiller and tractor will help break up the soil for later usage.

Notice the deer feeder, wild game is always moving through this area. The field we are working up here has a deer stand over looking it. From where this pictures was taken, there is a box stand about 150 feet behind me. Once the crops start coming up, deer and other animals will start coming here to eat. From this location, there is not a house for 1/4+ mile. After that there are only about 3 houses for mile or so. This one garden plot could play a very important role in food collection. Either by the wild game that comes in to eat the plants, or through harvesting the plants themselves.

From this garden plot, the creek is less then 100 feet away. If we have to, family members can take turns porting water from the creek to the garden. Hunting should not be a problem as we have deer tracks and trails running through this whole area.

During the plague outbreaks of the 1300s, starvation might have killed as many people as the plague. As farmers, merchants and people that transported the food died off, people in the cities died from the plague and from starvation. Gardening and long term food supplies should be in the plans of every survivalist.


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