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Millenials Lack Survival Skills

Kevin Felts, blogger and political commentatorThere is a thread in the survival forum about how Millenials Lack Survival Skills. The opening post links to a page on Foxnews, which links to another page and so on. None of the linked pages outside the forum offer very much information, so I thought I would write my own thoughts on the topic.

Removed From The Farm

G.I. Generation, people born around the 1920s, lived in rural America. They lived in a time when people had a garden, canned the food they grew, had chicken, guineas, cows, horses… etc. The men from the G.I. Generation served in World War II or Korea. They came back from war, then used their GI Bill to go to college. A lot of them moved away from rural America in search of work. They grew up in a time before vaccines. Small pox, polio, pneumonia, are killers. Antibiotics are not going to widespread until the 1940s.

Baby boomers, people born in the mid-1940s to the mid-1960s. Some were born in rural America or small towns, some were born in cities, they went to college and either moved to or stayed in urban areas to find work. Baby boomers were born into the Cold War. They remember Polio, some of them may have friends who died of Polio or Small Pox.

Generation X, my generation, is now one generation, maybe two generations removed from the farm. If our parents were born in rural America, chances are my generation was born in a town or city. We did not see polio or small pox take our friends and family. We remember the duck and cover commercials on TV. We were reminded of public health all the time. Wash our hands, do not spit.. etc. We saw the Berlin Wall fall and the end of the U.S.S.R. Our grandparents tell us about World War II or Korea.

Generation Y, is now two – three generations removed from the farm. If their great grandparents are still alive, they may visit the farm from time to time. There is no U.S.S.R, there are no duck and cover commercials on TV, public health commercials on TV are a thing of the past. Chances are the farm was sold decades ago. Fishing, hunting and gardening have been replaced with trips to the mall and video games.

Millenials, Are now three – four generations removed from the farm. All they know are stories about how their great great grandparents were raised on farm somewhere. They have no idea what polio or small pox did to previous generations. They are vaccinated against all kinds of diseases.

No Love For Nature

G.I. Generation and perhaps the baby boomers lived in tune with nature.  They hunted, farmed, raised their food, relied on nature for a lot of their food.

This love for nature may of been passed down to Generation X.

Generation Y and millenials have been removed from nature. A good number of them have never gone fishing, never been hunting, never skinned a deer, rabbit or squirrel. Never ate any kind of wild game animal.  Chances are they have never gone for a walk through the woods, expect at a park.

Millenials for the most part have no love or understanding of nature.

Disconnect From Their Food

The G.I. generation grew their own food.  Chances are they had a garden, canned their food, butchered chickens, collected eggs, raised pigs, butchered their pigs, hunted, whatever it took to get food.

Grand-paw may of taken generation X hunting, fishing, showed them how to garden, pick peas, and plant potatoes.

Generation Y and millenials are totally disconnected from their food sources.  As far as they know, food comes from the grocery store.  They have no idea of the time and effort it took to grow that food.


Generation Y and millenials are domesticated. They have no idea where their food comes from. If left to their own devices, they would starve to death. They have no knowledge of hunting or fishing. They have never planted a garden, harvested food from the garden, or cooked anything they grew.

Just as a dog or cat goes to a food bowl, Generation Y and millenials go to fast food.

Generation Y and millenials do not know what it is like to plant a seed and then wait months for it to grow.  They have been raised with amazon prime, super wal-mart, netflix and fast food.

Lacking Live Skills

For the most part, millenials lack any kind of life skills.  Sewing, cooking, working on a vehicle, even buying a real book are things of the past.

They lack critical thinking skills of previous generations.  Rather than thinking for themselves, they believe what they are shown on TV or read on the internet.  An excellent example is the presidential election of 2016 where millenials believed the trash talk about Donald Trump.  Rather than accepting the results of the election, millenials protest.

Women of the millenial generation put themselves before their family.

Men of the millenial generation have no desire for military service and seem to lack all sense of adventure.


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