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Mountain House Extends Life of Pouches to 30 Years

Mountain House recently extended the life of their pouches to 30 years, instead of 7 years.   This is supposed to be retroactive to existing pouches produced before the date change.

How I found about about the date change, I posted a video on youtube called Stockpiling mountain house #10 cans and pouches. Someone posted a comment saying “Your way out of date regarding the life of the pouches.” So I started a thread on the forum – When did mountain house pouches go to 30 years.

Someone from Mountain House replied with the following quote.

Hi Kev,

We’ve been using O2 absorbers in all of our non-novelty products for over a decade, including our Pro-Paks. It was before the early naughties that the pouches were just vacuum packed.

The new 30 Year Taste Guarantee applies to all MH products with intact packaging, whether O2 absorber, vacuum packed, or both (with the exception of novelties: ice cream sandwich, neapolitan ice cream, and cheesecake bites, all of which have a 2 year Taste Guarantee…)

Hope that helps!


Mountain House then went on to clarify some questions about nutrients.

The calories and macro-nutrients will be fine (i.e., fats, protein, carbs), although the micro-nutrients/vitamins will vary somewhat. The good news is that vitamins may be easier to come by than calories in an emergency, depending on your location (e.g., pretty easy to gather a salad year-round here in Oregon…)

When I go hiking or camping, Mountain House is my “go to” food. I love the ease of just boiling water, adding it to the pouch and having a hot meal.

When it comes to stockpiling food for a long term SHTf even of collapse of society, nothing beats a #10 can.

On the label of #10 cans there is listed portion size and the number of portions in a can. This makes it easy for meal planning. My personal stockpile of #10 cans include meats, fruits and vegetables. The goal is to have a protein and a fruit or vegetable side dish with every meal. this means that I am stockpiling more freeze dried fruits and vegetables than meats.

Pouches are single or two servings. I try to buy only the single serving pouches. Things work out well when there is little to no waste after cooking a meal. I can see buying two portion pouches, especially when couples go camping or hiking together.

First Experience With Mountain House Pouches

I was first introduced to Mountain House pouches when Safe Castle sent me a box for evaluation.  I was rather impressed with how light and compact the pouches are.  They sure beat carrying an MRE on a hiking trip.  The nice thing about an MRE though, there is no need in boiling water to eat the meal.  But then again, it is difficult to beat a 30 year lifespan.

The Mountain House pouches were taken on a three day camping trip and I loved how they tasted.

Mountain House produces a number of “buckets” that are filled with pouches.  Now that they are rated at 30 years this brings a whole new level to stockpiling food.  Check out Safe Castle, they have a good selection of freeze dried foods.

No longer are we tied to just #10 cans or food stored in mylar bags.  Now we have a portable food solution with a long lifespan.


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