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Organizing Preparedness Plans for SHTF

Your SHTF survival plans can be organized in a couple of ways. The plans can be written down on pieces of paper, tossed into a hat and drawn at random. The plans could be ideas jotted down in a notebook or a blog. Or the plans could be well organized. Once the plans are organized, then what? Do you just look over the plans and say “yep, that looks good to me”? Personally, I do not think that is good enough.

Lets take stockpiling ammunition for SHTF for example.  I do not think its enough to buy ammunition at random.  You buy a box here, buy a box there, after awhile you know you have ammo, but how much “exactly” do you have?  The same thing can be said about soap, soap dispensers, first aid supplies, spare blankets,,,, and so on.

When you are looking at your food shelves, and the racks are in plain view, it should be easy to tell what can goods you are short on and which ones you need to buy.   When I look at my shelving units, I can tell right off the bat when a can of ravioli has been taken, or when my wife and I need to buy some more beans or corn.

The problem lies in things that are rarely seen, such as ammo kept in an ammo cans – out of sight, out of mind.

For the stuff that stays out of sight, its important to pull the stuff out and take a look every once in awhile.  A couple of months ago I pulled out my ammo cans and took inventory:

    • 223, check
    • 7.62×39, check
    • 30-30, check
  • 308, check
  • #4 shot 12 gauge for small game, I needed some more of it so I picked up a couple of boxes a few days later.
  • 22 long rifle

For non-survivalist, having a couple of boxes of 22 long rifle might be ok. But for people that are planning for a long term SHTF survival situation, the more the merrier.

Prepping one month at a time

survivalist riflesDecember – For my preps, I think December is going to be 22 long rifle month. I am going to try to buy a brick of 22 long rifle every week for the month of December. This should give me 4 – 5 bricks of 22 long rifle by the end of the month, + what I already have one hand.

I do not want to go into “too” much detail, as loose lips sinks ships.

If everything goes according to plans, I should be able to add another 1,500 – 2,000 rounds of 22 long rifle to my stocks during the month of December.

Anyone that has ever hunted rabbits or squirrels should be to appreciate the 22 long rifle for small game.  Despite looking rather small and puny, the 22 long rifle is very effective on everything from Bobcats to Squirrels.

The 22 long rifle gained popularity during the depression of the 1930s.  When money was tight, people bought the cheapest rifles and ammunition available, which just happened to be the 22 long rifle.

Stockpiling food for SHTF / teotwawkiOctober and November – during the 2 months of October and November, my wife and I have focused on installing some shelving units and getting a can rotation system.  Back in September and August I was looking through my pantry and said “something has to change”.

My wife and I went to to a local china-mart, bought a couple of plastic shelving units that measure 6 feet tall, 36 inches wide and 17.5 inches deep and set the shelves up in a spare bedroom.

The shelves are interlocked with each other, and screwed to the wall with 2.5 inch long cabinet screws.  Next time I think I might go with some 3 inch long screws instead of the 2.5 inch screws.  A 1/8 pilot hole was drilled through the shelf and into a wall stud.  The screw was then ran into the pilot hole.  On each shelf two screws were installed, which added support to one side of the shelf.

To help support the shelf, the wire can rotation racks were zip-tied together.  This interlocked the wire racks so they helped support their own weight.

During October and November grocery stores in the local area were having some good sales.  My wife and I were able to find can goods at 3 for $1, so we picked up 6 flats.  Each wire rack in the can rotation system holds around 11 – 12 cans.  This means we have 72 cans sitting on the bottom shelf (3 flats of 12 cans each, stacked 3 flats high), and another 2 – 3 dozen cans in rotation.

August and September – during the 2 months of August and September my wife and I focused on buying #10 cans of freeze dried food. Since breakfast sets the pace for the rest of the day, my wife and I ordered a breakfast combo of #10 cans first. The next month we ordered dinner and some freeze dried powered drink mix.

The #10 cans of freeze dried foods have around a 25 year shelf life, or so the date on the top of the can says.

June and July – is when I was working on my fishing, and stockpiling fishing gear. My wife and I set out some trotline and juglines and my son and I went fishing on a local lake.

Its one thing to say you know how to make juglines or run trotlines, its another thing to get in the boat and go fishing.

Examples of Survival Gear for SHTF

  • 2 spools of 330 pound trotline string
  • Shakespeare E-Z Cast Low Profile Baitcast Reel with 6 foot rod
  • Crank bait, shallow diver
  • 3 pack of holographic lures – they look like minnows
  • 120 rounds 223
  • 60 rounds 7.62×39
  • 20 rounds 308 Winchester 150 grain Remington Core-Lokt
  • 1 box (25) Mustard brand circle hooks
  • 1 package (8) Eagle Claw 4/0 all purpose hook
  • 1 spool (30 feet) Berkley 60 pound nylon coated wire
  • 1 pack (4) energizer advanced lithium AAA batteries – 10 year shelf life
  • 1 pack zoom tiny brush hogs
  • 1 pack artificial worms for bass fishing
  • 2 small carabiners (non-climbing) for attaching gear to a pack
  • 1 package Eagle Claw 3/0 safety snaps with barrel swivel

In Review

Instead of buying stuff at random, I like to take inventory, see where I need to improve and go from there.  A lot of survivalist buy and buy, and have no idea what they have or what they need to improve on.

In 1999 when my buddies and I were prepping for what might happen on Y2K several of my buddies got together, held a meeting, brain stormed, took inventory, decided where we needed to improve and went from there.  Several of us met at a buddies house, sat round the kitchen table, talked about our plans, discussed our plans, where we needed to improve and “tried” to work as a team.

During the Y2K scare, our goal was to come together, work as a team and try to improve our plans, the same thing applies today.


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