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Physical Health After Disruption In The System

Hiking tripCouple of days ago I was watching naked and afraid, this guys body pretty much shut down and he had to be medivaced to a hospital. They were only 4 or 5 days into the show? The doctor said the problems with his health were from a lack of vitamins and minerals. The guy said he ate something like 5,000 calories a day. I kind of figured he was going to have problems going from 5,000 calories a day to almost nothing.

The guy on the show came across as a great person. He was friendly and had a wonderful attitude. However, it seemed like his body did not react well to be taken out of a certain setting.

The vast majority of the public are use to eating certain foods. Then that all stops in one day. People are spoiled to getting food right when they want it, and then that all stops. There are all kinds of videos on youtube of people getting in fights because McDonalds was out of a certain food.

Race Against Time

Those examples make me wonder how our bodies and personalities would react to a disruption in the system. Whether it was a new plague, nuclear war… whatever it may be that wrecks the system, and people were forced out of their comfort zone.

Rural dwellers will race to farm, garden and hunt after a collapse.  Developing a sustainable farm takes months, if not years.  Even if someone was able to buy chicks right after an event, it will take those chicks around 6 months before they lay their first egg.

Where is the material supposed to come from to build a chicken house, or fence in land for livestock?

Urban dwellers will be a different story.  Chances are they will not have access to any kind of resources.  Within just a few days the grocery stores will be cleaned out.


Within a few days panic will set in for those running out of food.  Then what?  Riots?

The people who turn violent over a fast food place not having what they want, what will they do when there is no food, anywhere?

Modern society has developed a taste for instant gratification. If we want something, especially food, we are used to getting it right then.

We have also developed a disconnect from our food sources. Most people have no idea the amount of time and effort that goes into growing enough food for one meal. If or when the food supply chain breaks down, they will be in for a rude awaking.

Vitamins and Minerals

Probably the biggest issue will be getting enough vitamins and minerals.

Rural dwellers will be hunting, fishing, catching turtles, hunting wild hogs and bird hunting, which may provide enough protein.  Then there are the people who have livestock, chickens, guineas, pigs and goats.

Urban dwellers will feast on dogs, cats, raccoons.. etc.

The issue is, fruit trees and gardening are seasonal.  Even with canning, food items such as squash can not be canned.

Fruit trees that have served humanity for thousands of years such as pears and figs will be in high demand.  My granny used to can pears every summer.

Wild berries are usually ready to pick in May, at least in the southern part of the United States.  The month of May will probably be reserved for berry picking and jelly making.

Potatoes will have to be canned for eating and saved to plant the following year.

Urban dwellers will probably be at a severe disadvantage when it comes to resources.

Health after Collapse

When there is a collapse of society, people will have to adjust from office work to physically demanding labor.  People are use to very little physical labor.

We will have to adjust from computer to plows.


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