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List of survival gear that I think would be useful in a post apocalyptic world.

1. Knowledge – This starts with having an understanding of how the human species acts during a long term survival situation. Find some history books on amazon about the black death of 1348 – 1350. Read those books and get a grasp on how people acted and what they resorted to. Some of the stories look like they came straight out of a Hollywood movie – like starving people digging up dead bodies to cannibalize the remains.

Part of your survival library should include resource material on gardening, raising livestock and farming.

First aid manuals with information on diseases and wound treatment.

2. Water filter – Without safe drinking water, life as we know it can not exist. Diseases like Cholera, Typhoid, E. Coli, Cryptosporidiosis, Giardiasis, Shigella and Salmonella can wipe out entire communities in a matter of days.

There are water filters, and then there are “water filters.”  If you have a family with 4, 5 6,,, 12 people, then adjust your water filter size to fits your needs.

Then there is the problem of drinking water in an urban survival situation. Most people that live in cities do not have access to a water well or a creek or stream. Once the water gets cut off, thats it.

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3.  Seed Stockpile, orchard, garden – In a long term disaster / post apocalyptic world, if your not growing your food, or trading for your food, your probably not going to be eating.

Canned goods and food stored in mylar bags will only take you “so” long. Sooner or later its going to run out. Once your food stocks run out, your going to need some kind of renewable food source.

On top of stockpiling seed, I have been planting peach, fig and pear trees at my remote camp (aka bug out location).  There are also some pecan trees planted there, but for some reason their not producing.  So I have to figure out what is going on there.  When the peaches start coming in, they can be jarred and saved as preserves.  Pecans can be stored for several months – all you have to do is keep them dry.

4.  Shelter – Being in the city may not be the wisest thing that you can do.  If you can not afford to buy a remote camp, then get with a friend that does have a remote camp / bug out location and see if yall can work out an agreement.

The ideal situation would be to know someone that is willing to let your borrow a small section of their land.  Then the 2 groups of people come together, combine their resources for the good of the community.

5.  Firearms – Something that you can use to hunt or defend your family with.

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Some of my suggestions:

Ruger 10/22 – Cost effective, reliable, accurate and 22 long rifle ammo is cheap.
AK-47 – Cost effective, reliable, some what accurate, 7.62X39 is relatively cheap compared to other rifle ammo.
Marlin 30-30 – Cost effective, reliable, accurate, the 30-30 is a proven deer slayer.
AR-15 – Getting a little expensive, accurate, 223 / 5.56mm is cheaper then most other rifle ammo.
FAL – Expensive, accurate, 308 ammo can get expensive, 308 has a reputation of being a human and deer slayer.
Remington 700 – Somewhat expensive, comes in a variety of calibers, reliable.
Remington 870 – One of the most popular shotguns in the world, reliable, lots of add-ons available.
Mossberg 500 – Cost effective shotgun, reliable, tons of add-ons.
Mossberg 590 – No removable choke, a little heavy.
357 magnum – Good for human or deer sized game.

6.  Stockpiled food – until you get your garden going, you and your family are going to need some kind of food supply.  Whether its dried beans and rice stored in mylar bags, canned goods, freeze dried foods, MREs,,, have some kind of stockpile you can pull from.

This is where your history books should come in.  During outbreaks of the plague, starvation probably killed as many people as the disease did.  Once the farmers and merchants died off, there was nobody to grow the food, or even transport it to the cities.  Be prepared for a breakdown of food production and transportation of existing food stocks.  In other words, once the panic buying starts, do not plan on getting anything.

7.  Detailed road maps – As people try to leave the cities, their cars and trucks will run out of gas.  This will clog the major roads leaving the cities.  Having detailed maps showing the rural routes, and back roads will be a good piece of equipment.

As Hurricane Rita was approaching Houston, Texas, the local officials ordered a mandatory evacuation.  As the flow of traffic ground to a halt, people sat for hours and barely moved a few miles.  Employees from the highway department were having to give out gas to people that had run out and become stranded.

If some kind of major SHTF situation happens, look for the major roadways to become blocked with cars and trucks that ran out of gas.  The situation might become more distressful as the stranded people start looking for hand-outs – such as food and water.  With nowhere to go, and no way to get there, stranded motorist may even setup camp on the sides of highways.

Do your best to avoid those types of situations.

8.  First aid kits – Without access to antibiotics, proper wound treatment is going to be critical.  This is where your going to need first aid kits, ways to clean a wound and ways to take card of a wound.

I have heard of people stockpiling Vodka to treat wounds with – it never expires and you can drink it to break that winter night chill.

9. Ways to cook – Do you have a way to cook with no electricity? Lets say that someone from your hunting party gets a wild hog, do you have a way to cook it? Having a way to cook could mean anything from turning a shopping cart on its side, to having a pit on wheels.

Personally, I took the pit on wheels route.  About 2 years ago I took the time to build myself a pit on a trailer.  The cooking surface is 6 feet 9 inches long and 29 inches across.  In other words, I wanted something that I could cook a whole hog on.

I know a lot of people are going to be cooking over nothing more then a shopping cart turned on its side.  That might b fine for heating up some chili, but lets see you cook a hog on a shopping cart.


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