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Preparedness Planning and Baby Food Considerations

If there is one aspect of disaster planning that is often over looked, that is baby food and baby formula. While on a recent 3 day trip to the camp, one of the first supplies to run out was my grandsons baby formula. My stepdaughter did not pack enough of the dry powdered formula to get through the 3 day stay. This was no big deal. We just drove back to town, which was about a 20 minute drive.

But, what would things had been like if we had been in a disaster area? After regional or localized disasters, such as earthquakes or hurricanes – the government says to be prepared for at least 72 hours, which is 3 days. During this time do not expect any help or relief services.

With the power outages that may follow a disaster, dry baby formula might have the advantage over milk or other liquid formulas because it does not require refrigeration. With the dry formula mix, as long as there is a supply of safe drinking water, the formula can be mixed to make the babies food.

It is the responsibility of the parent to make sure that infants will have enough food after a disaster. For those people that might be trying to plan, figure for at least a week (7 days) that you will have to rely on yourself. This means that you will need to make sure that infants have enough food, diapers and other basic needs for that time period.

If the disaster is know of before it happens, such as a hurricane, expect the local grocery stores to be cleaned out as panic buying erupts. Its very important that parents not wait until the last minutes to try and get supplies. By then, it will be to late.

Breastfeeding has sustained infants since the dawn of humanity. Yet, so many women turn to formula and other artificial foods for newborn babies.

This dependence on artificial food could become a hindrance during a disaster event.


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