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Chickens inside the chicken coopPrepping (aka survivalism) is a path with no end. Its a journey that sometimes has a beginning, but will have no end. Being a survivalist is a way of life, its not a hobby or something that we do in our “free time”.

For some survivalist, the start of their journey is when the light turns on in their head. Someone may decide that they need more food stocked up for hurricanes, or for earthquakes. Part of stockpiling our preps is doing reviews, taking inventory, modifying our plans,,, its a never ending challenge. Part of that challenge is looking at what we have done, where we have been, and where we need to go.

Back in June 2011 my wife and I decided to expand our stockpile of #10 cans of freeze dried foods. One of the issues that I ran into, there was a shortage of freeze dried foods in #10 cans, and there seemed to be a limited selection of freeze dried eggs.

After buying a #10 can of Mountain House scrambled eggs with ham, and a #10 can of Mountain House scrambled eggs with bacon, I started wondering if there was a better option. There “has” to be a better option then spending a small fortune on freeze dried foods in #10 cans.

One thing that survivalist / preppers should do is plan, 3, 4 6,,, 12 months ahead of time. If your planning a couple of days ahead of time, where is that going to get you? Preppers need to look back over the path they have left to see if there is a pattern. Its kinda like driving in the rain, looking in your rear view mirror, seeing your tire tracks on the road, and realize you have not been driving in a straight line.

From time to time we need to look in our rear view mirror and make some observations.  Between July and August of 2011 and February of 2012 my wife and I decided that we were going to get some chickens.

Instead of stockpiling #10 cans of freeze dried eggs, my wife and I decided to build a chicken coop and get some chickens.

Types of chickens my wife and I have:

Barred Rock (aka Plymouth Rock)
Rhode Island Red
Black Jersey Giants
Silver Laced Wyandotte

The decision to buy chickens was in part decided by the cost of stockpiling #10 cans of freeze dried eggs.  Lets see, should we spend several hundred dollars buying #10 cans of freeze dried eggs, or build a chicken coop, get some chickens and have fresh eggs?

My wife and I decided to go the fresh egg route.

When I reviewed how much it was going to cost to stockpile freeze dried eggs, I decided to might be more cost effective to build a chicken coop and get some chickens.

During a long term SHTF survival situation, would you rather have freeze dried eggs and is high in sodium and you have to add boiling water to, or would you rather have fresh eggs? That is one of the questions I asked myself.

Stockpiling ammunition for SHTF

A few months ago and buddy of mine and I were talking about stockpiling 223, 7.62×39, 308,,,,, just various types of ammunition. I told my buddy that I was stockpiling Monarch 223 and Monarch 7.62×39 from academy sports and outdoors. Its steel cased ammo, but it only cost $4.89 for a box of 20. My buddy replied that he did not like to shoot steel case ammo through his rifle. So he was buying the little more expensive American Tactical brass ammo.

In fact, my buddy offered to give me a 30mm ammo can full of wolf to bring to the bug out location. I declined his offer, but I might take him up on it later on.

Steel cased ammunition causes more wear and tear on the firearms then brass cased ammunition. But if you want to buy cheap and stack it deep, then steel cased in the option.

Where is the trade off? Buying cheap ammo and causing more wear to the firearm, or spend more money on brass cased ammunition? In my case, I stockpiled steel cased ammunition for the AR and AK first. For the hunting calibers such as 30-30, 308, 370, 280 and 30-06, its brand name brass cased all the way.

In my FN/FAL I only shoot Remington core-lokt 150 grain. I am thinking of getting some American Tactical brass ammo or some American Eagle for target shooting.

In stockpiling ammunition, the goal is to have a variety of defensive rounds and hunting rounds.

American Eagle seems to be one of the better priced brands, but the local wal-mart stays sold out. From what the guy who works in sporting goods tells me, a couple of people will buy 20 boxes at a time. I think the American Eagle sells for less then $8 a box of 20.

Federal bulk 223 in a box of 100 rounds. I think the price on this is something like $35?

American Tactical Imports – a buddy of mine likes this brand and has been buying it up. But it looks like availability is hit and miss.

Lake City 223, cheaper than dirt says American Eagle is made by Lake City. At least that is what the cheaper than dirt website says.

I thought about just buying the Federal 100 round bulk packs. At around $35 + tax, that should keep the price around $40 for 100 rounds.

The goal is to know what you have and what you need to buy.

Stockpiling food for SHTF

One of the things I try to keep balanced in my food preps is nutrition balanced with calories.  A lot of people focus on counting calories.  But without balanced nutrition, calories do little good.

My food racks are divided into fruits, veggies and protein based foods.

A few food prep examples

  • Fruits – pears, peaches and mixed fruit.
  • Veggies – green beans, corn, mixed veggies.
  • Protein and pasta products – spam, ravioli, vienna sausages, pinto beans, lasagna, peanut butter.


While its important to have various SHTF survival gear preps, its equally important to look back and review. Review what you have done, and review what your future plans are.

When someone blindly stockpiles food, ammunition or other various gear, its easy to overlook key items.


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