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For this article, the term “Self-Centered Preppers” means people who only think of themselves while preparing for TEOTWAWKI.  All they are concerned about is themselves, and “maybe” their close family.  No consideration goes into planning for friends, or anyone outside their immediate family members.

A prime example of Self-Centered Preppers might be people who plan on bugging out to the wilderness.  How is your family going to deal with the sudden isolation?  How are you going to deal with being cut off from friends and family members?  How are your friends and family members going to handle a sudden loose of contact with you and your family?

If humanity were to suffer some kind of long term SHTF situation, my family would turn to people such as my dad, and myself for guidance.  It is my resp0onsiblity to make sure my family has plenty to eat, protected and that they will be provided of.

Self-Centered Prepper does not care about anyone else.  What about your grand kids?  What about your kids that can not afford to stockpile food at this time?  What about your parents, brothers, sisters, close cousins,,,,?

Friendships are an asset

No man is an island, Rome was not built by a single person, if you want to survive a long term SHTF / TEOTWAWKI situation, you will need friends, team members and family members.

Apply Synergy to your plans – the sum of the whole is greater then the parts combined.

There is nothing that you can do that a small team can not do better.

Communicate with members of your group. What are you unable to focus on that the others might be able to help out with?

Here is an example, lets say you are an urban dweller with nowhere to go during a long term disaster. Something has happened – new disease, war, long term civil unrest, the trucks stopped running months ago. You and your family have to find food, so where do you go.

If you had a friend and owned property in a rural area, you could coordinate to use your friends place as your Bug Out Location. You and your family would have a safe place to go, and hopefully the teams combined are stronger then when they were separated.

Once you arrive at your friends property, you can help plant crops, build fences, hunt, forage,,, and anything else that needed to be done. Sleeping on an air mattress inside a house sure beats sleeping in a tent.

Stockpile a little more food and garden seeds

I have seen example in the survival community of people counting calories.  They know exactly how much rice they are going to be cooking, how many people they will be cooking for, and have their meals planned out for 6 months.

A common problems I see, there is little flexibility in prepping plans.  People like that may say “I have 6 months of food stockpiled”, that is until the baby mama shows with with baby in tow looking for food.  What are you going to do, turn them away?  That 6 months just went to 2 1/2 months.

I can not stockpile enough food for my whole family.  It would be just about impossible.  I have 4 children, ranging in age from 16 – 25.  Then add in 13 grandkids.  To be fair, 9 of the grandkids live close by, the others live 5 – 6 hours drive time from my location.

Due to the size of my family, rather then relying entirely on stockpiling food, I lean towards developing a sustainable food supply. This is why I plant fruit trees at the Bug Out Location, have a chicken coop that can be loaded on a trailer and pulled to the camp, and stockpiling seeds for a long term survival garden.

Stockpile gear for friends and family members

Have a few extra blankets, air mattress, sleeping cot, pillows and such for guest that may show up at your house.

Its not just long term disasters that we should plan on, its also short term, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, wild fires,,, and other disasters.  During Hurricane Ike and Hurricane Rita I had several family members and friends show up at my house.

When Hurricane Rita hit, my mom, dad, uncle and a couple of my cousins stayed at my house for almost 2 weeks.

The size of my family is one reason why I built a rather large bar-be-que pit.  With a grill 6 feet 9 inches long and 29 inches across, I can cook for 2 and 3 dozen people at a time.  When my wife and I have guest, cooking is not an issue.

Back in the mid-1990s a buddy of mine made up Bug Out Bags for friends that might show up.  He took a Medium Alice Pack, threw in some toilet paper, various ammunition, rain poncho, cord, matches, maybe a cheap knife, matches, canteen,,,.  Basic stuff that could be used to setup a camp, shelter and start a fire with.

Instead of having a Bug Out Kit for your friends, gather essentials needed for sheltering in place.  My wife and I stockpile extra toothpaste, soap, extra toothbrushes, sleeping bags, air mattress, pillows, blankets,,,, stuff that would make our guest stay a little more comfortable.

Remember at the first of this article how we talked about morale?  If people feel clean, well rested, and have their belly full, hopefully they will find less to complain about.

Make your guest comfortable

When chickens are bunched too close together, they will start pecking at each other out of boredom, people do the same thing.  Instead of pecking, we get irritated and start picking fights.

If you want to reduce tension between people, give each person their own space – space to eat, space to sleep, space to bath, space to brush their teeth, space to relax,,,.

A self-centered prepper is going to take very little of this into consideration.  If you show up at the home of a self-centered prepper, expect little accommodation.  Need a blanket?  Too bad.  Need some help cooking?  Too bad.


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