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So Called Preppers Are Going To Starve

If there is ever a real SHTF / TEOTWAWKI event, a large number of so called preppers are going to starve. Proof to back up that statement?  Just look at the popular prepping related videos on youtube, or look at what forum sections get the most traffic.

The most popular types of videos on youtube are gun and tactical gear.  It is not gardening, it is not chickens or other livestock, farming, homesteading, or prepsteading.  The most popular types of videos are running and gunning videos.

You can not eat bullets, plate carriers, chest rigs, knives, or anything else that fuels the fantasy of a tacti-cool SHTF event.

During outbreaks of the plague in the middle ages, starvation killed a great number of people. Preppers may think they will leave the city and raid rural farms. Once again, history teaches us there is a good chance those people will die on the side of the road just outside the city. People will either starve before they reach rural areas, of they will die of disease.


Let’s say that prepper A lives in a urban area.  He plans on bugging out to the national forest located 100 miles north of town.

His bug out bag has 3 days of food.  He travels at a rate of 10 miles per day.  He runs out of food 7 days before he reaches his destination.  Let’s say he stretches the food out to four or even five days.  He still has five to six days to go.  His children are tired and hungry.

Prepper A is 40 – 50 miles from home, and is around people who have ran out of gas and are walking along the highway.  They are starving just like he is.  “hey, do you have any food in that pack?”

As the various groups of people move away from the urban areas they will be like locust, consuming everything in their path.

Chances are at the 50 – 60 mile mark, with 40 – 50 miles to go, your body will shut down physically and mentally.  You will start doubting yourself and your decisions.  Depression will set in along with agitation.

If somehow you and your family are able to make it to the national forest, you will be starving and too weak to forage for food.  Lack of protein for the past week will cause your body to start consuming muscles.

Prepping Is Not Tacticool

In a forum thread awhile back we talked about how Tacticool has no place in prepping.

Yet, so many preppers focus on stockpiling firearms and bullets over learning how to grow their own food.  They walk around the shooting range like they will be facing rabid mutant squirrels in a post nuclear fallout world.

The people who focus on firearms run drills, range work, buy quick draw holsters… etc.  How is any of that going to help the prepper hunt?  Life is not a shooting range.  Wild animals are not going to stand still and let you get within 30 feet of it.

Good luck with that Glock 19 hunting squirrels or rabbits.  A shotgun or Ruger 10/22 would be a much better option.

Don’t Starve

Rather than stockpiling thousands of rounds of ammo, why not plant a backyard garden?  Maybe plant a couple of dwarf fruit trees.  Focus on renewable food sources.

Talk to  friend or family member who lives in a rural area.  Do they have a place for you to stay if a complete collapse, nuclear war or plague were to ever happen?

SHTF Survival Garden

Without a self-sustaining food supply, a lot of preppers are going to starve.  However, for some reason preppers think firearms are more important than gardening.


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