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Solar Powered Sidewalk Lights Instead of Candles

Most people do not realize that they have a renewable light source right at their feet. And that is those solar powered lights along the walkway. If you do not have any solar powered sidewalk lights, take a look at a local hardware store, or big box mart – such as wal-mart, lowes and k-mart. They are usually in the garden section.

When shopping for a solar powered light, do not get the cheapest ones on the shelf. But then again, dont go overboard on the price either. There are usually 2 different colored lights – clear and amber. Do not get the amber colored lens, they do not put out as much light as the ones with the clear lens. Be sure to get the lights that use an LED and not a regular bulb.

The way those lights work, during the day the solar cell recharges 2 AA batteries. As the sun starts to go down, a light sensor tells the unit when to turn on. Depending on how much sun light the solar cell got, that defines how much light the unit can provide. The more sun light the cell is exposed to during the day, the longer the burn time at night.

As the sun starts to go down, and the unit comes on – take it into the house and put it in the bathroom. Be sure to place the light were it reflects off the bathroom mirror. This provides people with a night light to be able to go to the bathroom.

Besides the bathrooms, other locations could include end tables, coffee tables and the dining room table. A lot of survivalist plan on using kerosene lanterns or candles when the power goes off. There is always a risk of the candle or lantern being knocked over – whether this is by and adult or child it does not matter. The risk of fire is present.

Using something like a solar powered light eliminates the fire hazard created by candles and lanterns. The energy source is renewable – solar power. And the AA batteries can be used in other things.

Consider investing into a cell phone charger that uses AA batteries. The batteries could be taken out of the solar light, put into the charger and used to charge the cell phone.

And then there are the radios. Even though every survivalist should have some kind of crank powered radio, the AA batteries from the solar light could be used in a small hand held radio.

Hand held flashlights – get some LED flashlights that use 1 or 2 AA batteries.

The solar powered light can also make good night light for children that might be afraid of the dark. Most parents have some kind of little night light plugged into a wall outlet. The children know this and expect the light to be there. Well, when the power goes off, there is no night light. Place the solar powered light in front of the current night light. Tell the child that is their “new light”. Hopefully, this can help ease the childs mind and keep things as close to normal as possible. And, unlike a candle or lantern, there is no fire hazard.

With one purchase – the solar powered sidewalk light – you now have a device that has more then one use. And all this time you thought they just looked nice sitting next to the sidewalk.


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