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State Of The Nation February 2013

While shopping at the local wal-mart here in Jasper Texas, I noticed a couple of things that made me stop and think.  One issue was the availability of ammunition, or rather the lack of ammunition.  The other issue I am deeply concerned about was the price of a whole fryer chicken.

Ammunition – Everyone and their brother and sister is panic buying all the ammunition they can get their hands on.  If civilians can strip the market of all available ammunition, where would this leave the United States if we entered a real war?  Iraq and Afghanistan are not “real” wars, they are minor conflicts.  The Iraq military is not bombing New York, L.A., Houston or Dallas, tens of thousands of US citizens are not dying every week, its not like in World War II when food and fuel were being rationed,,,.

The United States has some minor conflicts going on, but for some reason the store shelves have been empty of ammunition for close to a month and a half?

How would this translate if/when we have a major war with China?  The conflict does not have to be with China.  Lets replace China with any major world power.

Over the past few decades firearm manufacturing has been consolidated to a just a handful of companies.  there are a lot of companies out there, but very few of them manufacturer all of their own parts.  the situation is much worse with ammunition manufacturing.  Part of our national security depends on our ability to produce weapons of war.  The question I am asking myself is if the manufacturing base can keep up with demand.  Since the Sandy Hook shooting demand has been outstripping supply.

The major ammunition manufacturers are Remington, Federal and Winchester.  Other manufacturers include Hornady, Sellier & Bellot, Cor-Bon,,, and a few others. When someone goes to the local sporting goods store to buy ammunition, chances are they are going to see Remington, Federal and Winchester ammunition on the shelf.

If the three major manufacturers can not keep up with civilian demand, what makes us think they can keep up with military demand?

Whole chicken fryerWhole Chicken Fryer – This one bothered me more then the ammunition issue. While my wife and I were shopping at the wal-mart in Jasper Texas we stopped by the meat section to buy some steaks for Superbowl Sunday. While we were in the meat section we looked at the prices of a whole chicken.

A decent size chicken that looked like it could feed a family of 4 cost $7.00. A smaller fryer that looked like it would feed a family of Ethiopians cost $4.67.

In other words, someone working for minimum wage would have to work 1 hour just to buy a chicken. Minimum wage is $7.50 an hour, the chicken fryer cost $7.00, so you have 50 cents left over.

Wages for middle class working families have been stagnated since the 1990s, which is when NAFTA and GATT were passed.  Why should companies raise wages when the factories can be moved to china?  When wages do not keep up with inflation, what are people supposed to do, starve?

Chicken is a basic food staple for millions of people all over the world.  But for some reason the cost of chicken (along with everything else) keeps going up while wages stay the same.  If people can not afford chicken what are they supposed to eat?

Where am I going with this

Sooner or later something will have to give.  The poor are growing more dependent on government handouts, the working poor are being squeezed and the middle class is being crushed.

In 2014 the Federal Government will start taxing employer contribution towards the employees health insurance.  Currently my employer pays for my health insurance, which is about $600 every month.   In 2014 I will be taxed on that $600 every month as income.

The extra taxes on health insurance, stagnated wages, inflation and basic everyday bills will drive the middle class towards poverty.

A few days ago I posted an article about what hardships the United States may face between 2013 – 2020.  If there is one thing that will unify a nation, it is some kind of disaster such as what happened to the Twin Towers and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  When people are afraid, they will turn to the government for protection.

My personal opinion, things have gotten so bad the government is worried about a revolt.  How do you get people to accept subjugation?  Provide them with a common enemy.


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