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Stay Focused On The Imporatant Things

There is so much stuff going through my head it’s difficult to stay focused.  There is the new gun ban being introduced by Dianne Feinstein, ammunition shortages, magazines shortages, Iran advancing its nuclear program, tension between the US and China increasing, and then there are the ever present tensions in the middle east.

A couple of days ago AIM surplus got a some DS Arms FN/FAL magazines in stock. They were $17.95 each, and I was seriously considering ordering some. Think about this, the gate I want for my chicken yard is $79.99 from Tractor Supply. For the price of 4 FN/FAL magazines plus shipping would have paid for the gate.

Which is more important, having extra FN/FAL magazines, or having a gate for the chicken yard? My wife and I get eggs from our chickens everyday. Will I be using my FN/FAL everyday? Its highly doubtful.

Kevin Felts, Blogger and Survivalist

Walmart here in Jasper Texas got a shipment of 9mm in. Which is more important, buying an extra box of 9mm, or buying some T-post?

Not buying 4 FN/FAL magazines and a couple of boxes of 9mm just about paid for my chicken yard.

Its not just the chicken yard, I still have to buy a septic tank, sewer field line, put down a water well, water pipe going from the well to the house, pay someone to hook up the power,,, and lots of other little things.

My wife and I want to get moved to the homestead around April of this year (2013). It might have to be towards the end of April and towards the first of May before we can move.

The most important objective in my life at this time is saving the money to get moved.  As much as I want to buy another AR-15, magazines and ammunition, it is not economically feasible to buy everything I want and save money for the move.

Improving Long Term SHTF Survival Plans

Part of the goal to moving is so my wife and I can become more self-sufficient then we currently are.  We are going to build raised bed gardens right behind the house for stuff like onions, increase the chicken flock to anywhere from 30 – 60, plant a garden in the field behind the house and work on getting the fruit trees producing.

Survivalism is not just about stockpiling beans and ammunition.  Part of my long term survival plans includes building a self-sustaining farm with a garden, livestock and fruit trees.

In 2008 I posted about article talking about some of my long term survival plans.  The article talked about staying at my home for as long as possible, then bugging out to the homestead, which is a small farm.  Instead of doing all of that, why not just go ahead and move to the homestead?  Get the livestock going, get the barn built, get the fruit trees producing,,,,.

I do not subscribe to the theory of bugging out to the wilderness.  My personal feelings on that issue, a family would probably starve to death, or catch some kind of waterborne pathogen.  Why not work on building some well rounded SHTF survival plans?

Simpler Way of Life

One of my goals in getting moved to the homestead is developing a simpler way of life. Even though I live in a small rural town, my wife and I want to be further away from town.

If I keep getting sidetracked with smaller lesser important projects, such as stockpiling food in mylar bags, or stockpiling ammunition, I will have less money to help get moved.

I want to be able to sit on my back porch and hear nothing but the wind blow through the trees.

I want to be able to watch my chicken flock free range in the field behind my house, plant a garden,,,, just live life the way it is supposed to be lived.

The way people are packed into cities is not natural, and we wonder why people flip out?  If people had more room to move around, maybe a lot of social issues would go away.


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