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Stockpiling basic building materials

During my recent chicken coop project I realized how poorly I had stocked my basic building materials.  When the first set of 2x4s were being put together, all I had was 8 penny nails.  8 penny might be fine for use in nail guns, but when you are using a hammer, 10 penny are much better.  When the first walls were stood up, the nails were too short to hold the boards together.  It was rather embarrassing when the wall fell apart as my wife and I were getting ready to put them together.

When the chicken coop project kicked off I quickly realized that I did not have the screws or nails that I needed.

Chicken coop building materials

The skil saw blade was dull, my good tape measure was at the camp, so I had to use my wifes semi-pink tape measure, my good framing square the tri-squre were at the camp, so I had to use an old rusted steel framing square.

The skil saw and the drill are fairly new so they worked well.

Another thing I realized is how messy and disorganized things can get. My shed is in a mess, the shelf system I am using is in disarray, the things I did not need were in the way and the things I needed were difficult to get to.

Due to my experience with building the chicken coop, I decided to clean the shed out (and keep it clean), and to also stock up on simple stuff like screws and nails.

Screws I ended up with:

1 5/8 inch – for securing plywood to 2x4s
2 inch – for securing stuff like 1x4s to 2x4s
2 1/2 inch – for securing 2x4s together
1 5/8 inch roofing screw with rubber washer
2 1/2 inch roofing screw with rubber washer

Nails I ended up with:

8 penny
10 penny
12 penny
16 penny

I also ended up with some 3/4 inch galvanized staples for securing the hardware cloth to the chicken coop frame.

Getting things organized

If I had tried to build my chicken coop during a long term SHTF survival situation, things would not have turned out too well.  It seemed like my wife and I went to the store several times to buy basic building materials.  Where do you think you can find screws and nails when the stores are closed?

What I need to do, I need to get the shed organized, install another shelving system, and stock up on simple things.  I thought about buying one of those big boxes of 10 penny nails, and maybe a large box of 8 penny nails.  And screws, I need some more wood screws.  Since I live in hurricane country, I probably need some shingling nails as well.

Unless you have a huge barn to store lumber in, its going to be a little difficult to stockpile plywood, 2x12s, 2x6s,,, and so on.  But we can stockpile nails, screws, maybe a handsaw, couple of hammers,,, you get the general idea.


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