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Storing Food in Mylar Bags for SHTF

My SHTF food preps include mylar bags, #10 cans, MREs and canned goods. In this article and video ware going to discuss making up 20 mylar bags of rice, beans, oatmeal,,,,, and various other items.

Awhile back I made up some homemade superpails of oats, rice and beans.  I found the 5 gallon mylar bags difficult to work with and a little difficult to seal.  After that experience I decided that the largest bag I was going to mess with was probably going to be around the 2 1/2 gallon size.

Storing food in mylar bags for SHTF survival

For my current project I decided to make up some 1/2 gallon and some 1 gallon mylar bags.  Inside of the bags I am going to store oats, rice, beans, instant mashed potatoes,,, and a few other things.

Items To Be Stored In Mylar Bags

  • 2 – great value whole grain old fashioned oats, 42 ounce containers
  • 4 – great value whole grain quick oats, 42 ounce containers
  • 3 – great value elbows enriched macaroni product, 3 pound boxes
  • 1 – hungry jack mashed potatoes, 26.7 ounce box
  • 2 – great value mashed potatoes, 2 pound box
  • 1 – 20 pound bag of rice
  • Several – 1 pound bags of pinto beans
  • 20 – mylar bags with ziplock seal

Oxygen Absorbers

To extend the life of the food items stored in mylar bags, a 1,000cc oxygen absorber will be inserted into each bag.  The 1,000cc units are a little large for 1/2 gallon bags.  Instead of buying 2 different size 02 absorbers, 1 size for the 1/2 mylar bags and 1 size for the 1 gallon, I bought 1 size 02 absorber.

Old fashioned oats – I wanted a heavy oat that could be used to cook with, as well as make oatmeal or oatmeal cookies.

Quick oats – This was my wifes idea. She wanted something that we could pour hot water over and it be ready to eat. My incoming shipment of #10 cans is breakfast stuff, such as freeze dried scrambled eggs with bacon, freeze dried scrambled eggs with ham, granola, powered milk, powered orange drink and freeze dried strawberry slices. Quick oats would make a nice side dish to some scrambled eggs with bacon chunks.

Elbows – Pasta is a flexible food item. It can be boiled, then hot sauce poured over the top, or add some cheese, or mix it with other food products.

Mashed potatoes – Are being stocked as a side dish. Some of my #10 cans include stuff like chili mac and cheese, and beef stew. The mashed potatoes are filler material to go along with the 310 cans.

Mashed Potatoes In Mylar Bags

Some over-the-counter mashed potatoes contain animal fats, such as milk byproducts or butter.  These animal byproducts can spoil over time and go rancid.  When buying mashed potatoes to store in mylar bags, read the list of ingredients and pick the ones with no animal byproducts.

Rice – is a good food product to store in mylar bags.  And like the mashed potatoes and elbows the rice is going to be used as a side dish for the #10 can main entrees.

For people that are stockpiling rice for SHTF, they need to be aware that eating a lot of white rice may raise their risk of diabetes.  I know a lot of survivalist are stockpiling mainly rice, beans, elbows, pasta,,,, for their main food source after SHTF / TEOTWAWKI. White rice should not be a main meal, it should only be a side dish.

The plan for white rice on my SHTF food preps is to open a #10 can main entree, open a bag of white rice, and have the rice as a side dish to the main meal.

Pinto beans – are an excellent food source for storing in mylar bags.  Pinto beans are an excellent source of fiber and protein and can be eaten as a main entree or as a side dish.  When stored in a mylar bag with an oxygen absorber, pinto beans can be stored for 20+ years in ideal conditions.

When filling the mylar bags with oats, 2 of the 42 ounce containers equaled 3 – 1/2 gallon mylar bags.  Instead of filling the 1/2 gallon mylar bags full, they were filled to within about 3 inches from the top.  This left some slack for the ziplock top to be closed and sealed.

All of the bags were filled at one time, oxygen absorbers inserted at one time, the ziplock was sealed, and then an iron was used to seal the extra material above the ziplock seal.  Between the ziplock and the end of the mylar bag, there is about 5/8 – 3/4 inch material that can be sealed with an iron.

When the project was complete, I had 20 mylar bags filled with a variety of food products.  All of the mylar bags were double sealed – once with the ziplock, and again with an iron.

Special Considerations

One of the issues facing my family, during tough financial times, family members are finding it difficult to prep, and pay their everyday bills.  I feel that my family is becoming more and more dependent on help from others.  As basic living expenses get more expensive, people are finding it difficult to even afford basic items for living day-to-day.

Its not that my family members are not trying, its that general living expenses have outpaced wages over the past few years.  The cost of food has been going up, the cost of fuel has been going up, the cost of just about everything has been going up, expect wages.  This makes it difficult for everyday people to stockpile SHTF survival gear.

In these rough times its important for family members to work together in order to achieve a unified goal.


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