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Storm In The Distance

As I sit here in my office I can hear rolling thunder in the distance.  The dark clouds are not too far away, hopefully bringing much needed rain to the area.  Southeast Texas, where I live has been in a drought for several months.

There is another storm brewing in the distance.  This storm is over ideology and resources.

Ask yourself, why has the United States only gone into conflicts that involved oil producing nations?  It is not that we are lacking resources, the conflicts are to seize control of those resources.

The thunder I hear in the distance are the drums of war.

President obama has been granted permission from a US senate panel to bomb Syria.  Such an action would be in violation of international law; to bomb a nation without permission from the United Nations Security Council is an act of war.

Evidence is starting to come out that it was the rebels who used gas, and not the government of Syria.

I figure the major news media outlets inside the United States will ignore the evidence Russia has presented.  In fact, our own government has presented very little evidence to support an attack on Syria.

Review Your Survival Preps

With storms gathering in the distance, I think now would be a good time to review your preps.  Here are some things I will be looking at.

Water – I am seriously thinking about ordering some ceramic filters for my Royal Berkey.  Currently I have 4 black filters in the Berkey which will provide around 12,000 gallons of safe drinking water.  12,000 gallons might sound like a lot, but in the long run its not that much.

Having a backup set of ceramic filters that should push my water capacity up well over 30,000 gallons.

My wife and I recently moved to the farm.  I would like to get a new water well drilled as soon as possible.  But for right now we are going to have to deal with using water from an old well and filtered drinking water.

Chickens – My wife and I had 13 hens.  One of my chickens came up missing, so we currently have a dozen year and a half old hens.

Current flock includes:

4 – Rhode Island Reds
2 – Silver Laced Wyandotte
2 – Barred Rocks
2 – Australorps
2 – Black Jersey Giants

My Speckled Sussex came up missing.

My wife would like to add a dozen Buff Orpingtons, along with a couple of roosters.

I would like to add some Dominique (aka Dominicker) and some more Barred Rocks.

With the new additions we are looking at somewhere around 35 – 40 hens with a handful of roosters.

In a previous article we talked about how many chickens would be needed for SHTF.  The number we came up with is a wintertime high of around 75 chickens, and a summertime number of around 30.  If my wife and I could have a steady flock of around 40 – 45 chickens I would be happy.

The Buff Orpington is supposed to be a great mother hen.  Hopefully hatching out new chicks will not be a problem.

Crop irrigation – Here in Texas are are prone to drought conditions several months out of the year.  This could be devastating for crops and livestock.

The good thing is I have a creek that borders the property.

The bad thing is I have no off the grid system to pump water from the creek to the garden and livestock.

To ensure crop irrigation with a downed power grid I need to invest in either a solar kit, or a treadle pump, or maybe even invest in both.

Food preservation – Something I have been putting off buying for a long time is a pressure canner.

What good does it do to raise crops if you have no way to safely store the food?

Sure you can dry beans, okra and corn, buy pressure canning ensures rodents will stay out of your food.

Farm equipment – the tractor is in good shape, the tiller is doing ok, it would not hurt to pick up some spare pins and other supplies.

Seed stockpile – this is a bad tome of year to be buying seeds.  Most of the local farm supply stores are sold out, and I do not want to buy seeds over the internet.

A couple of years ago I culled out a bunch of my pea seeds.  But on the good side I picked up a bunch of snap bean seeds.

My wife and I will probably be planting a fall garden in the next week or so.  As of right now we are looking at planting greens, rutabagas and cabbage.

When October rolls around we are going to plant a mess of 10-15Y onions.  I would like to plant so many onions we will not need to buy any from the store.

Cattle – One of my big projects after the weather cools off is to fence in a 5 acre field to put some cattle, and either sheep or goats in.

If I can get my irrigation system setup, get the field fenced in, get some cows and goats, get some more chickens,,, I think my meat supply will be up to speed.


It is not “just” Syria I am concerned about.  What has me worried are all of the other players.

If the United States bombs Syria,

Iran said it would bomb Israel.

Russia has warned the United States not to bomb Syria.

The United Nations said the US must receive permission before taking military action, or the US would be in violation in International law.

It seems like the whole middle east has been a powder keg since the mid 1900s.  Sooner or later something will have to give.

It is amateur hour at the White House and we are going to have to pay the price.


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