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If someone asked you to list your favorite Survival Magazines, what would you say?  When my buddies and I where in high school – back in the 1980s – we would read any magazine, or mail order catalog we could get our hands on. This was back before the internet – so you had to either go to the store and actually buy a magazine, or send off an order form and wait 2 – 6 weeks for the first issue to come in. Over the past 25 years, only a hand full of magazines have risen to the top and deserve a special mention.

5 & 6.  Field and Stream and Outdoor Life – both magazines offer a wide variety of hunting and outdoors information. Since both magazines offer such a wide variety of information, its difficult to say that one is better then the other.  Where else can you find information about fly fishing on 1 page, and wilderness survival on the next page.

4.  Backpacker – offers quality gear reviews mixed with a touch of conservation. What other magazine can you read about -20 degree sleeping bags, and about timber companies cutting virgin forest in the same issue?

3.  Soldier of Fortune – no other magazine is going to cut to the heart of military history, political and military issues like Soldier of Fortune magazine. Back in the 1980s when Russia was at war in Afghanistan, and I was only a teenager, I remember reading about fund raisers to help the Afghan freedom fighters.

2.  Farmers Almanac – its going to be difficult to find a more reliable source of inforamtion on gardening and farming.

1.  American Survival Guide – All hail American Survival Guide, also known as ASG.  If you were a survivalist in the 1990s, ASG was a must have.  For those of us that did not want get on a mailing list, a trip to the local magazine stand was a monthly ritual.  This magazine had it all – everything from turning 2 ALICE packs into a raft, to growing herbs, to basket weaving.  My buddies and I will sometimes pull out our old ASGs and discuss the articles.

Its a shame that ASG went out of print.  It was the only magazine that main stream survivalism to the masses.

So once you have a nice supply of survival magazines, what do you to with them?  Personally I keep a small supply of magazines here at the house.  The rest are moved to the camp.  Ok, why is there a supply of survival magazines at the camp?

They make good reading material – when your sitting at the camp, its deer season, the sun went down before 6pm, its cold outside, its only an hour before bed time so you can get up at 4:30am to go get in the stand – having a variety of reading material is a good way to pass the time.

Education material – if some kind of SHTF situation occurs, having resource material at your bug out location is a wise idea.  Instead of scratching your head wondering what kind of fertilizer works best for turnips greens, whip out your books on gardening and read up.

There are a lot of good magazines out there.  The key is to find the ones that fit your needs, get a subscription going, build up a nice stockpile, and then distribute the magazines to your camps.


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