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Survivalism And How To Stay Focused

As I was looking through my facebook feed this morning, I realized that a lot of the people on my feed are posting links to conspiracy theory sites.  Those sites were talking about vaccines, how the drug companies are lying to us about cancer, how the government was trying to control our lives,,, just your typical BS.

One article talked about how fresh food was getting so expensive people could not afford to buy it.  If you want fresh food, grow it, problem solved.  Food comes from the ground, not the grocery store.

Some of the links went to so called survival sites that were nothing more then links to news sites.

With all of this garbage flowing in, its easy to get side-tracked.

Conspiracy Theories Of The 1990s

It seems so long ago, but then again, it seems just a few days ago. In the mid-1990s while I was working at a welding shop close to Beaumont Texas, I would listen to talk radio on the way home. This was back when the Waco Siege, Ruby Ridge, NAFTA and GATT were hot topics of the day.

Instead of focusing on my preps, I became distracted about the United Nations invasion, the martial law, house to house gun confiscations,,, stuff that 20 years later has yet to happen.

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Instead of stockpiling food, and reloading ammunition, I was driving by the port of Beaumont Texas, port of Orange Texas and the port of Port Arthur Texas looking for ships carrying United Nations troops.

My prepping plan had been sidetracked by the worry that the US Government would cease to exist.

The truth is, it was all a hoax.

All of the worry about the US dollar being replaced, the Chinese helping the United Nations disarm the American public,,,, was a lie.  The lie promoted the delusions of a few upon the many.

One rotten apple had spoiled the barrel.  Instead of focusing on what was important, I started focusing on this trash information.  Some people call it propaganda.

I took a step back, looked around and realized there was more important stuff that I needed to be focusing on.  Driving around looking for ships at the ports was a waste of time and money.  That money could have been better served as gear for the Bug Out Location, planting fruit trees,,,, or other long term survival resources.

What Should We Focus On

My first suggestion is to treat survivalism as a lifestyle.  Treat survivalism no differently then getting up in the morning, taking a shower, brushing your teeth, going to work,,,.

A lot of people get prepping and conspiracy theories confused with each other.  The more time you spend on conspiracy theories, the less time you have to spend on prepping.

News that North Korea tested a new missile is important news, news that fluoride is in your drinking water is not important.

There is no use in paying attention to what political party is in power, as both the major parties are the same.

Chemtrails and the conspiracy theories about them are out of your control.

In other words, if its within your control, make the best of it.

If its not in your control, do not worry about it.


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