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Syrian Gas Attacks: Why Survivalist Prep

Want to know why survivalist prep?  Look no further than the Syrian gas attacks in April of 2018.  The chemical weapons  attacks on civilians in Syria is an excellent example of why survivalist prep, this is the reason why we exist.

Not that chemicals weapons would be used in mass on the United States, but the use of chemical weapons on civilians has brought the world to the brink of World War III.

Kevin Felts political commentator

To view the full picture we need to go back to World War I.  Chemicals weapons were used by various sides, and people were slaughtered in mass.

During World War II the use of chemical weapons was avoided.  However, over six million Jews were slaughtered in camps at the hands of Germans using chemical weapons.

Realizing how devastating chemical weapons are, the world agreed to abolish their use.

Crimes Against Humanity

The worst crime a government can commit is to use chemical weapons on civilians, or even use them at all.  No nation should ever use chemical weapons, ever, period.

When news broke of civilians being gassed,  the world knew there had to be a military response.  To sit on our hands would be to turn a blind eye to the slaughter of innocent people, which could not be tolerated.

During World War II the world learned a valuable lesson when it comes to genocide.   Rumors were coming out of Germany of Jews being rounded up and slaughtered, and the world did nothing.

We must be diligent to make sure such crimes against humanity are NEVER committed again.

Syrian Gas Attacks and Russia

This is where things get a little complicated.

Russia says the gassing of civilians was a false flag, and the United States may have carried out the attack.

The United States and Britain says they have proof Russia carried out the attacks.

The United Nations has been unable to reach a resolution on sending inspectors to Syria.

In short, both sides are pointing the finger at each other.  So who are the people of the world to believe?

Personal opinion, it boils down to who supplied Syria with chemical weapons.  Whoever sold those weapons to Syria is guilty of crimes against humanity.

The only real question which needs to be answered, “Where were the chemical weapons produced?”  Whoever produced the chemical weapons is just as guilty as the people who used them.

Chemical weapons kill at random.  Because of that, their use should be banned and their production halted.

Russia U.S. Standoff

With both sides pointing the finger at each other, who does the world believe?  Maybe we should step back and ask, “Who supplied Syria with chemical weapons?”

Was it Iran or Russia?  It’s not like either nation has a good record of upholding human rights.  Stalin killed more Jews than Hitler did.  However, for some reason Hitler is used as the gold standard for genocide?

What happens when a world nuclear superpower commits atrocities against humanity?

What is the world supposed to do when someone like Russia supplies chemical weapons to a nation like Syria?

A line must be drawn in the sand.  With that line we must say “No more.”

Good vs Evil

It boils down to good vs evil.  Not that the United States is an example of good.  We have a history rich in crimes against humanity, such as slavery, and the genocide against Native Americans.

Over the decades the United States became a bastion of human rights, that is except for the unborn. There is still a genocide waged against the unborn, especially the unborn of minorities.  So there is not denying we have a long way to go when it comes to human rights.

So where does the Syrian gas attack on civilians leave the shining bastion of human rights?

A line has been drawn in the sand since World War I, and that line was crossed in Syria.  The infraction must not go unanswered.  The future of humanity hinges in the balance.


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