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The concept of stockpiling survival gear

Angelina river Jasper TexasWith organizations like FEMA, and the preparedness divisions of the separate states telling people to stay prepared for a disaster, there is no reason not to listen. All families should have at least 7 days worth of food in their house, and a small stockpile of bottled water.  Some people stockpile MREs, while others may stockpile canned goods, beans and rice, or even freeze dried foods.

By previous examples, the government is either inept, unable, or unwilling to protect its citizens during a disaster.

Lets take the outbreak of the swine flu for example. When the swine flu was first reported in mexico, President obama refused to close to borders with mexico, citing companies would lose too much money of the borders were closed. By that example, when it comes down to profit or protecting the citizens, the government will protect the profits of big business over the safety and welfare of the citizens.

With the government willing to sacrifice safety in the name of profits for big business, is their 3 – 5 days worth of food and water sound advice? I do not think so.

In some kind of disaster, the less prepared people are, the more dependent they will be on the government.  This is where the concept of stockpiling survival gear comes from.  Lets say that some kind of long lasting disaster happens – civil unrest (LA riots for example), hurricane, natural disasters, another world war,,,, I do not want my family standing in a food line to get something to eat.  I would rather have a garden, and stockpiled food to help us get through what ever happens.

How about a random video about stockpiling survival gear.

In my opinion, there are about 4 levels of prepping:

Short term preppers – these are the people that buy enough food for a couple of weeks. they may keep a months worth of canned goods, rice and beans on hand.  These are the people that go into panic buying mode when there is news of a disaster.  When the news says there is a hurricane on the way, these are the people that run down to the store and buy as many supplies as they can afford.  I do not consider people who keep only about 1 – 2 weeks worth of food stockpiled “true” survivalist.

Medium term preppers / survivalist – these are the people that might keep 4 – 6 months of food stockpiled. They may be stockpiling mountain house foods, storing rice, beans and oatmeal in mylar bags.

Long term survivalist – these are the people that store food in every closet, basement, closet and corner of their house. Long term survivalist try to keep around 1 year of food and water stockpiled.

Top tier survivalist – these are the ones that have planned food production past one year, have access to a farm, have prepared a secure Bug Out Location, have land to garden and places to hunt and fish. A top tier survivalist would rely on stockpiled food in the short term, or until they can get their livestock and garden production up to sustainable levels.

The name “top tier survivalist” may not be correct, but its the only name I could really thing of at the time.

Besides dividing survivalist into groups defined by how much they stockpile, there are another series of groups – the hobby prepper/survivalist, your lifestyle survivalist and the radical survivalist.

Hobby survivalist: Are the ones that jump on and off the prepping bandwagon, depending on current events or who they are influenced by.  The hobby survivalist probably does not keep a good inventory of their survival stocks, probably does not keep more then a few weeks of supplies on hand.

Lifestyle survivalist:  These are the people that make survivalism part of their lifestyle.  Everything they do in some way revolves around prepping.  Whether its fishing, hiking, hunting,,,, lifestyle survivalist associate the activity to survivalism.

The radical survivalist:  These are the people that stockpile weapons and ammo in the fear that the US government is going to enforce marshal law, round up everyone that opposes the government and send those people to FEMA death camps.  Radical survivalist are nothing more then fear mongers.

When I was in high school, the father of one of my buddies was what I consider a radical survivalist.  He had a firearm hidden in every room of the house, to the point of knocking holes in the walls, hiding a firearm inside the wall, and then putting a pictures over the wall.  His reasons for having firearms in every room was so that when the FBI or BATF raided his house, he would have a firearm within reach.

Fast forward 25 years, and the guys house was never raided.  I never understood “why” the FBI or BATF would want to raid the guys house anyway.  He was a law-abiding citizen, so I did not understand where the paranoia came from.

Post your comments in this forum thread about the different types of survivalist.


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