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Thoughts On Mass Transportation After SHTF

Mass transportation of goods and services during a long term SHTF / TEOTWAWKI situation has been on my mind for awhile.

In big cities people use large SUVs and trucks as a status symbol. 300+ horsepower, 4 wheel drive, gas guzzler, but has never pulled a trailer or been off the pavement.

Truck transportation

In urban areas nearby rural areas, and in rural areas people “use” their SUVs and trucks. Yesterday evening (February 25, 2016) Jasper Texas was packed with trucks and bass boats. The weather this weekend is going to be nice so people are going to the lake.

There are thousands of people all across the nation who live just a couple of hours from rural locations. Those people venture out of the city to go hunting, fishing and enjoy nature. While doing those activities they pull a boat, or maybe a trailer with an ATV on it.

In rural areas just about everyone knows someone who owns a truck and trailer. I drive a Toyota truck and have a Tacoma I am rebuilding. My dad and brother both have 3/4 ton dodge trucks. Walmart looks like a used truck dealership just about everyday.

All across the United States there are hundreds of thousands of trucks, trailers, ATVs and SUVs that can be used for the mass transportation of people, goods and services.

Thoughts on mass transportation after shtf – YouTube

How many nations have a population as mobile as the United States?

How many nations across the planet have the ability for the civilian population to transport massive amounts of goods, services and population on a massive scale, and at a moments notice?

Thursday February 25, 2016 I hauled:

  • 100 pounds whole oats
  • 100 pounds hen scratch
  • 200 pounds 13-13-13 fertilizer
  • 50 pounds laying crumbles
  • 50 pounds chops (cracked corn)
  • 2 garden rakes

Just an example of how easy it is for people with trucks to haul products.



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