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Uncle Sam Wanted You to Raise Chickens

There was once a time when Uncle Sam (the U.S. Government) wanted people to raise chickens. This was especially true in times of war when our troops needed food.

Unfortunately those days are far behind us. If a city dweller tried to raise chickens today, they would probably be sued by the city and forced to get rid of the flock.

What does that say about us as a nation when we turn away from time honored traditions of raising our food, only to become dependent on a grocery store?

Uncle sam wants you to raise chickens

I often wonder how the typical city dweller would act if the grocery store shelves were empty? How would society react if the government started rationing food like what happened in World War II?

Around 2002, 2003 I was working in Kingwood Texas. There was a drought going on and the city issued an order for people not to water their grass or wash their cars.

One day I arrived at a customers house while he was watering his lawn. I asked him if he knew about the water restrictions. the customer said yes. He went on to tell me that he did not care about the restrictions or the fines, he was going to water his grass.

It is that kind of selfish attitude that is going to be the ruin of this great nation. Screw everyone else, as long as I have mine, so what about everyone else.

Caring For Chickens

Chickens are easy to care for. As long as they have plenty of room and land to free range on, chickens just do their thing.

Some of the important factors are providing chickens with fresh water, and making sure they are safe from predators. A strong fence to keep predators out is essential.

Its been estimated chickens were domesticated around 8,000 years ago. There has to be something there that has allowed chickens and mankind to form a bond that has worked for so long.

Chickens are easy to care for.
Chickens produce eggs.
The meat is low in fat and high in protein.
Chickens are easy to transport.
They do not take up a lot of room, as compared to other livestock.

What Happened To Society

We went from raising our own food, to being sued for raising our own food.

Society is dependent upon commercial farmers, trucking companies and grocery stores for our food.  Anyone living in an urban area who tries to raise their own food is forced to conform under the threat of legal action.

What happened to us?

I think we have become domesticated.  Just like the dog that sits at an empty food bowl and looks at his owner, we go to the grocery store and look at the shelves.

Over the past few generations the idea of self-reliance has been taken from us.  Or rather, we have given up our self-sufficient lifestyle in favor of a easier lifestyle.

No more do we have to worry about tending to our livestock, which gives us free time to watch TV.

What happened to us?  We grew fat a lazy.  How many of us would rather watch the super bowl then watch the evening news?  How many of us would rather read a gossip magazine, rather then read about how our elected officials voted?

From A Survivalist Point Of View

Its a good thing we are isolated by two oceans.  Most people would not know how to react if the U.S. were to enter into a war with a major world power.

But then again, as long as people can watch American Idol and collect their welfare, do they really care who is president?

The American people are priming themselves for defeat.  War, rationing fuel, rationing food, rolling power outages, raising your own food, hunting, fishing, eating what you raise, eating what you kill,,,, are foreign thoughts to the average U.S. citizen.

The middle class is being forced into poverty.  The federal government is bailing out the banks right at left, and at the expense of our grand children.  North Korea and Iran are both beating the drums of war with advances in nuclear technology.

If humanity has learned anything over the past 2,000 years, it’s that sooner or later the house of cards is going to come crashing down.  When everything crashes, do you want to be looking at empty grocery store shelves wondering where your next meal is coming from, or do you want to have access to fresh food?

The crash may not happen in my lifetime.  But I owe it to my children, and my grand children to pass down homesteading skills.  It is my duty to teach my children how to survive in a post collapse world.

Buying food from a grocery store does not teach the next generation anything.  Raising chickens, plowing fields, growing food,,, that is what the next generation needs to learn in order to survive.


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