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Go to YouTube and watch some videos on survival gear, and all the stuff that goes bang or is bright and shiny gets all the views.  Why is that?    Why do videos about chicken feeders, fencing, and other long term survival preps get so little attention?

For the sake of discussion, let’s say there is a collapse of society.  This could be from nuclear war, pandemic flu, some kind of new viral plague.. etc.  Which would serve you better, livestock and homesteading resources, or some cute cutting tool?

To me, my seed stockpile, chickens, livestock fence… are all just as important as something that goes bang.

Some people may say, “Kevin, what about defending your property?”  Defending your property is important, yes, but there has to be something here to defend.  Are empty fields worth defending?  Nope.  Are empty chicken yards worth defending?  Nope.

Food and Water

Stockpiling survival gear is not always about the “exciting” stuff.  Some of the gear is downright boring.  My chicken house has a automatic watering setup.  It is a float connected to a stainless steel bowl.  When the water in the bowl gets low, the float releases enough water to fill up the bowl.  as boring as it sounds, the device is important in making sure the chickens always have water.

Why is something that goes pow-pow more attractive to preppers than a chicken waterer?  Maybe it is because shiny cutting tools and things that go pow stimulate certain senses?  If we focused on those items, then we ignore important topics, such as food and water purification.

Out of all of my videos, stuff about gardening probably gets the least amount of views, and that is sad.   Let’s say some kind of world-wide event happens,  there will be no food at the grocery store.  So exactly where is the food supposed to come from?  The easy answer is you grow your food.  By looking at the view count of my videos, few survivalist are interested in growing their own food.  They would rather look at stuff that goes pow that being able to eat.

Final Thoughts

I do not understand why survivalist focus on stuff that stimulates their senses, than taking a common sense approach to prepping?  If someone can not raise their own food, exactly how are they supposed to survive a collapse?  Do they expect to hunt?  Chances are wild game will be cleared out within just a few months.  Why do you think farmers replaced hunter-gatherers 10,000 years ago?

The honest truth is, if survivalist focus only on things that go “pow” and shiny cutting tools, then they are not prepared.


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