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Welfare roaches after a disaster

Kevin Felts, blogger and survivalistWhen you have 2 and 3 generations of a family on government benefits, people grow up “thinking” that is how they are supposed to live.

I know a certain family first hand, the mom has 5 or 6 kids, she does not work, and the dad makes barely above minimum wage. The family has been drawing food stamps for close to 20 years. One of the kids is in her mid 20s and works. Another girl is around 19 years old. Think about that. The 20 year old was raised on food stamps from birth all the way until she became an adult. And now, the 20 year is pregnant, has no education, and does not work.

The 19 year old claims she is bipolar and is disabled.  Guess what, the government signed off on it, and she draws a monthly disability check.  What the hell is that?  How can someone capable of working able to draw disability?

With the Hurricane Katrina people at the shelter, I saw a lot of young pregnant ladies, whos baby daddy would not work. The mom and baby bring in food stamps and whatever else they can get, and the baby daddy is along for the ride.

I did some volunteer work at a evacuee shelter for some of those Hurricane Katrina people.

One lady walked in, sat down, was handed the application to fill out before she could stay at the shelter. She looked at the application, handed it back to the lady behind the desk (without a single line filled in), and said “I was in public housing in New Orleans, I want to sign up for public housing here and what about my food stamps.”  I remember thinking to myself, “what the hell lady, you ever hear of this thing called a job?”.

Another lady showed up at the shelter and made some phone calls to the company worked for. She spent the night in the shelter. The next day the company had her an apartment and a job position in Houston. She was in and out of that shelter in less then 24 hours,,, maybe even less then 12 hours.

Another lady at the shelter was a teacher, she went to the local school and applied for a job.

Another lady went to work at the local corner store.

When the people from the local unemployment office showed up at the shelter to help the people find jobs, a lot of them refused to fill out the paper work; all they wanted was their food stamps and public housing.

There are 2 types of people, those that will help themselves, and those that look for a handout.

A couple of months ago I went to court for a child support review. There were people in there at owed $20,000 back support. 1 guy owed around $107,000 in back support.

When Hurricane Ike made landfall 3 years after Hurricane Katrina, there were still people on Beaumont public housing from Katrina. And, a lot of them were still unemployed. The Beaumont Texas area has a lot of industrial jobs. But some of the people on public housing would not go to work.

I think a lot of it has to do with being ready to help yourself.

After a storm, there are going to be a group of people that will be standing there with their hands out asking for help. And there will be a group that does not need help.

After hurricane Rita, there were people complaining they did not have the gas to drive to the food line – they did not fillup their gas tanks before the storm, and with a weeks notice. They expected things to be back to normal in just a couple of days, not 2 – 3 weeks later.

Roaches in the chicken coop

There is a rather large wood roach living in my chicken coop.  How does the roach live in the coop right next to the chickens?  The roach only comes out at night, and it lives in a crack in the top of the coop.  If the roach came out during the day light hours, the chickens would quickly make a meal out of it.  So what does the roach do in the chicken coop?  The roach sneaks out at night while the chickens are roosting, then uses the chicken feed as a buffet bar.  The roach has everything it needs – food, water and a place to hide.

During a long term SHTF / TEOTWAWKI survival situation, there will be people like the roach in the chicken coop.  The parasites will sneak in while you are not looking at take whatever they can find.

Just as they think they are entitled to welfare before SHTF, so they will think they are entitled to anything they want after SHTF.

If someone has a sense of entitlement before a SHTF situation, Why would they change their attitude after the fact?

Just as we have people that have their hand out today, so those same people will be during a long term survival situation.

Back in 1993 I was working on the night shift of a welding shop.  One night a guy came in asking for spare change.  I told the guy I did not have any money, but we are hiring.  I then pointed the guy towards the welding shop office and told him to go in there and ask for an application.  The guy asking for spare change turned around and almost ran out of the shop.

Holy crap, really?  You ask for spare change, but you do not want to apply for a job?

Lets take that same situation and apply it after SHTF.

My family and I are working the field.
Some guy stops and ask us for food.
We tell him if he helps with the field he can have some food.
Guy gets pissed off. This is where the stranger either leaves, or tries to force us to give him food. Does the bum think he is entitled to the food? Or does he have a good work ethic and is willing to work for his food?

If someone has a poor work ethic before SHTF, what is going to magically improve their attitude after the fact?


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