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What Kind of Disaster Are You Prepping For

There is an interesting thread in the forum that got me to thinking; that thread is what are you truly prepping for?  What kind of disaster are you preparing for?  Are you prepping for an outbreak of a new disease, long term civil unrest, nuclear war,,, or something else?

My personal opinion, as long as you and your family are prepping, at least you are going in the right direction.  The difference is the degree of readiness.

I can not tell you what to prep for.  All I can do is tell you how my family and I are prepping.

My long term survival plans include food production, safe drinking water and property protection.

Food Production

During the Black Death of 1348 – 1350 starvation probably killed as many people as the bubonic plague.  Modern society is based on farms and modern transportation.  Where would our grocery stores be without trucks, fuel and highways?

Just like the city dwellers of the middle ages, city dwellers of today depend on farmers, roads, transportation and merchants to maintain a steady supply of food to the cities.  If just one or two items in the supply line break down, people will go hungry.  When people get hungry, society breaks down.

Raising chickens for a long term survival situation

Lets say you went to the grocery store tomorrow and the shelves were empty, what would you do?  What is your long term food solution?

A lot of survivalist plan on bugging out to the wilderness.  I do not subscribe to that long term survival theory.

If you want to bug out somewhere, why not bug out to a rural location where you can plant crops and raise livestock?  Would you rather be scavenging acorns to make acorn flour, or picking peaches and plums off fruit trees?  Would you rather be scavenging for berries, or picking peas and snap beans?  Would you rather be digging roots, or digging potatoes?

In the next few months my wife and I hope to move to the farm where we will have a garden, chickens and maybe some cattle or goats.  The chickens are already a given as my wife and I have 13 hens.  The cattle and goats we will have to see about.

Preppers do not have to bug out to the wilderness or bug out to a rural area to ensure food production.  With some careful planning urban dwellers can have a backyard garden and some backyard chickens.

Books like Square foot Gardening help guide urban dwellers through utilizing every square foot of available land for food production.

Chickens are an often overlooked by urban survivalist. Preppers think chickens need a lot of room and they make a lot of noise. Hens make very little noise. Its the roosters that make the majority of the noise. Hens are going to make less noise then your neighbors barking dog, or that teenage kid that drives by with his radio blaring. Two – three hens can keep a small family supplied with eggs. Egg whites are a food source of protein, while the yokes are a source of fats.

Rhode Island Reds and Production Reds are small chickens that lay an egg almost everyday. Barred Rocks are another good option for backyard chickens.

Each chicken needs about 10 square feet inside the run or chicken yard.  Once you start doing the math, 10 square feet is not much.  Some urban survivalist will build a portable chicken coop, sometimes called a chicken tractor that can be moved around the yard.  That way the chickens have access to clean grass.  And, moving the chicken tractor around the yard keeps your yard fertilized with nitrogen rich chicken poop.

Safe Drinking Water

Without safe drinking water, life as know it can not exist.  Once the water source becomes contaminated, society breaks down in a matter of days.

A well balanced long term survival plan should include some kind of long term plan for safe drinking water.

Whether its a slow sand filter, something like a Berkey water filter, water well, cistern,,, something that will supply you and your family with safe drinking water.

Property Protection

When people hear the words “protecting your property”, the first thing that comes to mind is walking around the homestead with an AK-47.

Shooting AK-47 with ERGO Grip SUREGRIP

Something that a lot of people overlook is financial prepping, such as living a debt free life, having a paid for home, having your property paid for.

If you pay a note to a bank, you do not own it.  One way to protect your property is to own it.  That way some fatcat can not buy your loan from the bank then mark up your interest rate to where you can no longer afford the payments.

Survivalist should consider financially protecting their property.  do you live paycheck-to-paycheck, or do you have some money put back for when times get rough?

Do you have cash in hand, or is all of your money kept at the bank or credit union?

We should consider protecting our property from robber-barons and looters alike.


Back to the original question asking what my family and I are prepping for, we are prepping for everything from hurricanes to a long term collapse of society.

Within the next year my wife and I hope to be moved to a rural farm where we will be raising a good bit of our food.  Chickens will provide eggs and meat.  I thought about getting some goats, but that will be further down the road.


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