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What to expect from the Red Cross

After Hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans, a summer camp in east texas took in about 400 evacuees.  The camp in question was used during the summer by several of the local churches for religious and non-religious based events.  When hurricane Katrina struck, the camp was closed for the winter – no church or religious services were planned for at least 8 – 9 months, or when the local schools were closed for summer vacation.  The camp was set up very well to take in evacuees, there was a full kitchen with a dinning area that could feed several hundred people at one time, dormitories with bunk beds, activity areas, full bathroom facilities and even a first aid station.

Because this summer camp was religious based, one red cross worker kept throwing fits. It seems that some of the buildings that were being used as check in points, food distribution and to house these people has Christian symbols in them – such as the cross.  Even though the summer camp was closed to the public and for the winter and there were no religious events planned, this red cross guy kept throwing religion up. The people that owned the camp finally asked that

When the evacuees got to the summer camp they were given a list of stuff they could not do, such as illegal drugs and signed a paper saying they agreed to the terms of staying at the camp. One of the agreements was no alcohol – at all.   When the topic of the evacuees holding their own church services in small pricvate groups came up, the red cross told anyone that wanted to receive communion and use real wine – they would have to leave the camp.  The red vross refused the evacuees the basic human right to practise their religion as they wanted to.  The church services were going to be held by the evacuess, not by the camp administration.  If communion was held and real wine was used during the servies, the people would be removed from the camp.

Next instance, two local news stations showed up to take pictures and interview people. When the red cross people saw the news truck, they ran out there, told the news they could NOT be taking pictures unless they were approved by the red cross.  The red cross wanted total control of what the local news media was able to publish or report.

So, here we are, the red cross has just suppressed two of the most basic freedoms we have in this country – freedom of religion and freedom of the press.  from a red cross area just remember you see what they want you to.

A month after hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita hit east Texas.  Even though President George Bush declared parts of southeast Texas a disaster area, the red cross did not set up a shelter or food line till 2 weeks after Rita made landfall.

It is the opinion of the author – that in the event of a real disaster, the Red Cross can not be counted on to provide any real aid.


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