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Zombies Are Real

Yep, you read that right, zombies are real. Not real as in wanting to eat your brains, but real as in mindless people with no sense of reason and incapable of higher thought.

To live a survivalist lifestyle, one should be open minded, open to new ideas, flexible, open to suggestions and open to change. To be closed minded, to be inflexible and not open to change sets a limit on how well we can adjust to change.

Overlooking the Angelina River near Jasper, Texas

What caused the Neanderthal to go extinct?

What caused Cro-Magnon Man to go extinct?

What caused Homo-Erectus to go extinct?

Was it their inability to adjust to climate change? Was it their inability to adjust to changing food sources? Were they open to new ideas?

Sheeple zombies

Sheeple are the people that say “we have done it this way 100 years, there is no reason to change now”.   These are the people who resist any kind of change.  When sheeple are forced to change, they get angry and develop feels of resentment.  These are the people that are on a dead end road of life.

I wonder if some Neanderthal refused to change his hunting patterns with the changes in herd migration?

Did Crug the Neanderthal say to Doug the Neanderthal:

Crug: The herds have moved over there, lets move with them and get something to eat.
Doug: Why should we move? The herds have always been here, they will come back.
Crug: Doug, we are going to starve.
Doug: Na, the herds will come back.

The herds did not come back. Crug, Doug and their entire species are now part of the fossil record.

Do not be like Crug and Doug.  Be open to new ideas, be open to suggestions and be open to change.

Zombie Voters

If someone goes to the polls to vote for the two major parties, they are a zombie – and let me explain why.

Lets say you go to restaurant A, the food taste terrible, the service is crap, what you ordered is not what you received and the management refused to do anything about it. In other words, you voted for the Democrats.

Well fine, instead of going to Restaurant A you decide to give Restaurant B a chance. And the results are exactly the same – the food taste terrible, the service is crap, what you ordered is not what you received and the management refused to do anything about it.

Does it make sense to go between the two restaurants, continue to get terrible service, continue to get overcharged for the food and service? How many people refuse to buy from a business because of the way we have been treated?

Why do continue to subject ourselves to the same two failed political parties? Why not give another political party a chance?

How many times have you seen a new restaurant open up, and say “lets give them a try”? So why dont you do that with political parties? Why dont more people vote for someone besides the big two parties?

When people to the polls and vote, they vote the way they always have – and that is for either the democrats or republicans. Why is that? Why do people vote for the same two parties over and over and expect real change?

When it comes to voting, people are zombies. The majority of the people are incapable of higher thought when it comes to elections. The zombies are not infected with some kind of virus that makes them come back to life. They are infected with stupidity so that they keep voting for the same two parties over and over.

If you want real change in the U.S. government, you will have to vote like it.

The Non-Preppers

These are the people who can not see past the end of the week.  Why would anyone need more then a few days of food stored in their home?

Have you looked around at what people are doing today?  Instead of paying attention to current events and the news, people are on their phones sending messages to each other.  Its as if part of our society has disconnected itself from reality.

It seems there are three types of people:

1 – The cyber generation who pay more attention to what their friends are doing on social networking sites, then what is going on in real life.

2 – Normal people who live their life like they did 10 years ago.  They go about their lives and give little attention to political events and the news.

3 – People who pay attention to the news, pay attention to current events and try to stay prepared for what might be around the corner.

There was once a time when the government told people to grow their own food, to have plenty of food in their cabinets and just try to be prepared for some kind of emergency.

These days, people are more interested in having the latest smartphone then stockpiling food.

Where does this leave society

If there is ever a long term SHTF / TEOTWAWKI survival situation, the cyber generation will be like zombies as they are forced to readjust to real life.  Remember what we said about change?  A lot of people do not like change.  When change is forced upon resistant people, they may develop feelings or anger, frustration and denial.

We have more people living in cities then in rural areas.

The vast majority of the population depends on a very small minority for food production.  Only about 1% – 2% of the population produces food for the other 98% – 99%.

Lets be generous, lets say that 10% of the population has some kind of farm or garden.  This 10% includes people who grow tomatoes, have some backyard chickens,,,, people who do “something” to grow some type of food.

During a complete collapse of society, this leaves 90% of the population with no source of food.

People are not blind, but they are selectively blind.  Like Grug and Doug, they believe that the grocery stores will always be there.  If something happens that the groceries stores do not have food, just wait and the food will come back.

As a survivalist, it is our duty to plan for “if” the food does not come back.  We must do whatever it takes to adapt and overcome the hardships that we may face.

What is your opinion on this topic?

My opinion, society is growing less and less prepared for a disaster.

Post your opinions. I would like to see some input on this topic.


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