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5 Things Survivalist Should Stockpile

Let’s take a few minutes and talk about five things survivalist should stockpile.  This could be for just about any type of disaster.  Whether it is a hurricane, flood, wildfire… what are items that could be used to bug out?

This list is based on my own personal experiences with numerous tropical storms and hurricanes.  Having grown up along the Gulf of Mexico, I have survived devastating hurricanes and tropical storms that flooded southeast Texas.

hurricane ike flooding

5.  Fuel

When SHTF, your going to need a way to get out of town.  Whether its a forest fire, hurricane, chemical spill,,,, keep enough gas in your tank to get away from the affected zone.

When a hurricane rolls trough the southern states, one of the first things to dry up is gasoline.  People start filling their tanks up, the lines get long, and gas stations run out of gas.

4. Non-perishable Foods

This is any kind of food that does not need to be kept frozen or cold. There are so many options out there, this list could be a mile long – mountain house foods, #10 cans, family sized cans, any type of can goods, peanut butter, honey, freeze dried foods, food stored in mylar bags, dehydrated foods.

The government recommends to have at least 3 days worth of food per person.  I suggest that families have more like 1 – 4 weeks worth of food stockpiled.

3.  Water

Whether its to bug out with, or to drink when the city water goes off, having some kind of stockpiled water is nice to have.

People can live for 3 weeks without food, but only 3 days without water.  Its for this reason that water is listed before food.

2.  Prescription Medicines

For people on heart medicine, high blood pressure medicine,,,, having prescription meds on hand can mean difference between life and death.

Prolonged high blood pressure can lead to complicates like kidney damage, damage to the blood vessels of the eyes,,,, not good stuff.

1.  Property / Home Owners / Flood Insurance / Important Papers

Most of your disasters are not going to be long term – like what happened during the plagues of 1348 and 1666.  Chances are your house is going to burn down, get flooded, suffer wind damage before there is a nuclear war or some kind of plague comes around.

When Hurricanes Andrew, Katrina, Ike and Rita came through, people found out how well they were covered by their insurance policies.

Have original / certified copies of all titles – home, boat, motorcycle, automobile,,,, anything off value.

Honorable Mention:

Hand crank flashlight
Hand crank radio
Berkey water filter
Phone book
Written names, addresses and phone numbers of friends and family – a lot of people store friends phone numbers in their cell phones. When the battery runs out on the phone, most people can not remember the other persons phone number.
Road maps of the local area


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