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Are you ready to plant a garden

Are you ready to plant a garden? If not, why not? On Tuesday October 5, 2010 by Time magazine posted an article saying that Wal-mart had to roll back its rollbacks. As a result, food prices have jumped to a 2 year high.  Add to that the Russian failed fall wheat crops, that has pushed wheat to a 22 month high.

Producing your own food is one of the easiest ways to off-load some financial strain.  If your having problems paying your house note, electric bill, insurance, buying clothes, internet bill, cell phone bill,,,,,,,, something has to give.  If you and your family are running on a shoe string budget, sooner or later that string is going to break.  When that happens, financial disaster can set in.

Raised bed gardens – do not take any special equipment – just get some landscaping timbers, or old cross ties and build some raised beds.  Find someone with rabbits, get some manure, and use that instead of potting soil.  Rabbit manure makes great fertilizer and it can be cheaper then potting soil.

Old flower beds – if you have some old flower beds around the house, plant something there.  Stuff like radishes, onions, peppers and garlic are easy to grow.

If you have a fence between your house and the neighbors house, use it to grow stuff like cucumbers.

Instead of planting that do not produce fruit, plant fig or pear trees.  Both can be used to make jelly or preserves.

If you have a community breezeway that runs behind your house, plant some fruit trees there – just don’t tell anyone, its called Guerrilla gardening.

If you know someone that owns some land, ask them about letting you plant a small garden.  My mom and dad let my cousin plant a 40 foot by 100 garden on their land, but they have 25 acres.

Snap beans, peppers, tomatoes, peas, corn and cucumbers (only to name a few) can be preserved in jars.  If you have some extra money, invest into some Ball brand jars and a pressure cooker.  Be sure to read the directions and follow the safety guidelines on those pressure cookers.  The old ones had a reputation of going “boom” – but the new ones are pretty safe to use.


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