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Climate change and long term survival plans

Pears from a survivalist gardenThere is something that is bothering me about the climate change going on all around the world, and long term survival plans. Lets take Texas for example, my home state, has been under drought conditions for the past 3+ years. some of the local lakes are 8 – 10 feet low. A couple of years ago lake Travis got to around 100 feet below normal.

National Geographic wrote and interesting article about how Greenland was on the leading edge of climate change. The majority of Greenlands income is based off of fishing. But the warming waters has caused the shrimp and certain fish populations to decline. The big question is “where” are the fishing going.

The climate change is not limited to North America – there is an interesting article on the BBC how Soils of UK and Europe drying out.

In a long term survival situation – meteor strike, outbreak of a new plague, world wide war, long term civil unrest,,,, the only long term solution for food is to grow your own.  But in the face of global climate change, how can we be sure that our crops will succeed.

This past weekend I went to the camp to pick up my bar-b-q pit and bring it home for memorial day weekend.  While I was at the camp, I decided to check on the fruit trees.  We have a couple of pear trees, some peach trees and a couple of plum trees planted there.

Upon inspection, I discovered just about all of the fruit was about 1/2 – 1/3 the size that it should be.  If we were in a long term survival situation, I would have to watering the fruit trees from a nearby stream.

In March of 2011, my wife, my grandkids, my step-daughter, son-in-law and myself went to the camp and planted a small garden.  The garden consisted of 4 rows of corn and peas, 10 rows or potatoes and some watermelon.

The corn has not got enough rain to grow.

The deer are eating most of the peas.

None of the watermelons have came up.

Out of about 10 rows of potatoes that were planted, only a couple of plants have come up.

If this years garden was during a real long term SHTF survival situation, my family and I would be in some serious trouble.

To help water the garden, my family has some 55 drums that we can fill up from a nearby stream, carry the drum on a trailer to the garden, and then use the water in the drums to irrigate the crops.  Man made irrigation is the solution in the face of wide spread drought.  Its either water your crops by hand, or relocate.

On the flip side of the coin, instead of drought, some places are getting too much rainfall.  Instead of drought, some places around the world are facing widespread flooding.

With climate change comes the question – did climate change contribute to the extinction of homo erectus, cro magnon man, and the Neanderthal? If so, what can we do to ensure the survival of our species. Or, are Homo sapiens destined to go extinct as well.

The climate change debate – there is no denying that climate change is real, but whether man has an effect on climate change is debatable.  The big question is, how does mankind adapt in the face of worldwide climate change?

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