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Doom and Gloom in the Survivalist Community

AK-47 AR-15 Survival RiflesWhy are so many people in the survivalist community obsessed with doom and gloom?

Awhile back I posted a question to the SurvivalistBoards facebook page about the occupy wall street movement, some of the first replies were about violence.

The question was not about survivalist having to use any kind of lethal force to defend their families and homes.  All that was asked was if people were ready for some kind of civil unrest.  From there the topic instantly turned to violence.

I have never understood “why” a lot of people in the survivalist community dwell on lethal force and the use of violence?  Maybe they think life is like an action movie, and they are missing out on their starring roll.  Maybe they want to be some kind of hero?

Life during a disaster is nothing like what you see in the movies.  From my experience, the good comes out in the majority of the people.  There are those that will try to steal and take advantage of others, but its not like what happens in the movies.

When Hurricane Ike was passing through, I filmed footage with a couple of cameras.  The footage was later combined into a video.

Having been through an evacuation for Hurricane Andrew, been through Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Ike, I can tell you people do not act like what you see in the movies.

During a long term disaster, like what happened with the Black Death during 1348 – 1350, people might act like what you see in the movies.  But widespread disasters like outbreaks of the plague are rare and far between.  Not saying that an outbreak of a new disease could not happen tomorrow, but its highly unlikely.

I believe that people are inherently good.  People are born with a good heart, its only after that goodness is corrupted that people turn to evil.

After Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Ike, even though I feel that the majority of the people are good, I still kept my AR-15 close at hand.

One does not go looking for trouble.  But instead, be at the ready for when trouble finds you.

The real danger after a disaster is not from thieves, but from rip-off artist.  These are the people that will take your insurance money saying they will repair your home, and then leave town.  I know a family who lost tens of thousands of dollars when they paid for repairs up front, and then the person left town.

Who needs to steal and rob, when people hand over their money willingly?

Another danger after a disaster is from disease.  Without clear water people are unable to wash their hands before they eat, or clean wounds.

Without safe drinking water, life as we know it can not exist.

The point with the question posted on facebook asking if people were ready for civil unrest, was asking if they were ready to stay in their homes for several days?  If riots broke out, there was a chance of martial law being established and a curfew.

With my current preps, I am good on food, and propane to use my camp stove.  The only real problem I foresee would be drinking water, and personal hygiene water.  I could use a couple more 1 pound bottles of propane for the coleman stove, but I have enough to cook for awhile.  What I really need is an adapter to connect a 20 pound propane bottle to my coleman stove.  If I had that, then I could cook for a couple of weeks.

On the facebook page, I was not asking about having to use lethal force, I was asking about food and water preps. But people instantly turned the discussion to violence.  Why are we so quick to talk about violence?

There is a simple rule of life that it helps to live by – “do onto others as you would have them do unto you”.

Treat your neighbor as you would want your neighbor to treat you.  Treat people with respect and dignity, and then go from there.

Weapons and the Survivalist Community

It appears to me that the majority of people in the survivalist community are obsessed with weapons?  When the topic of being prepared comes up, it seems people would rather talk about their rifles and shotguns, then their garden seed stockpile.  And why is that?

Maybe its more “macho” or more “manly” to talk about firearms, then it is to talk about stockpiling #10 cans, stockpiling food, your can rotation system, your garden, or your seed stockpile?

I think the obsession with firearms leaves a lot of people unprepared.  They might “think” they are going to bug out to the wilderness and live off the land.  Chances are, other people have those same plans, and your “remote bug out location that nobody else in the whole world knows about” has already been taken.

Survivalism is not “just” about stockpiling firearms.  To have a well rounded survival plan, your plans “have” to be balanced.  A balanced plan does not include stockpiling 5,000 rounds of 7.62×39, and a 10 pound bag of rice.  Your family can not digest lead, brass and gun powder, but they can digest rice.

If the S does HTF, try explaining to your family why you spent so much money on ammunition, but so little money on food.  Why do you have racks to store your ammunition on, but no racks for food rotation or food storage?

Survivalism In The Movies Versus Reality

Isn’t the goal at the end of the day to go home safe and sound, and in one piece?  Talking about violence is just the opposite to what most of us want in our daily lives.  The majority of us want to live in peace with each other (at least I do anyway), so why are people so quick to talk about violence?

Maybe our words are a reflection of what we see on TV and in the movies?  If movies and TV influence us that much, maybe we need to spend less time watching that kind of stuff, and more time with our friends and family?

It appears to me that the people who talk about violence might need to spend a little more time working on their real world survival skills, and less time watching movies or reading science-fiction books.  Its one thing to watch a movie, its another thing to plant a garden or go on a hunting trip.  One is fiction, another is reality.

Doom and Gloom

I often wonder what the ratio of weapons to real SHTF survival preps are?  For every dollar spent on weapons and ammunition, how many dollars are spent on food, seeds, water filters and other survival gear?  Doesn’t it make sense if someone buys a $1,200 AR-15 and $500 of ammunition, that they should spend an equal amount of money on food?

According to the movies and various books, all you need is a good rifle, bug out bag, some ammunition, and everything will be ok.  In my opinion, that is about as far from reality as someone can get.  During a long term survival situation, the only solution to food is to grow your own.  As far as I know, when you plant 9mm rounds, they do not  magically turn into beans.  To grow beans, you need bean seeds.


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