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Back on 08-08-2007, forrestdweller posted an interesting thread on the forum. At the time it did not get very much attention. As I was going through some of the older threads, I took notice of it.

Dyno Powered Devices are really underrated and overlooked. As I walk around the local big box mart, there are Dyno Powered Devices all over the place – but there is no disaster on the horizon either. If there was a hurricane looming in the distance, you can be rest assured that people would be buying every Dyno Powered Device they could get their hands on.

Instead of waiting until the last minute, go ahead and stock up on a couple of those items.

There are a couple of items that I would like to recommend.  The ecotwistr from EDC Depot and the Shake Flashlight from ReadyPro.

eco twisterThe EcoTwistr has a unique design, in that the tail end of the flashlight twist.  In my test, 1 minute of twisting provided over 10 minutes of light.  The flashlight is small, compact and fits the hand well.  This makes it perfect for children, keeping in the glove box of a car or truck, or in a backpack.

The Eco Twistr has a lanyard attachment for a wrist strap, which comes in handy.  The Eco TwistR is only about 3 – 4 inches long.  Which makes it perfect for people with small hands.  When the power goes out, hand it out to the kids and say “there ya go.”  With a flashlight that you “twist” you dont have to worry about the kids hitting anything as the “shake” the light.

shake flashlightThe shake flashlight is your classic “shake flashlight” – you just shake it a few times and the battery is charged.  This flashlight has a rubberized construction, which gives it a sturdy feel and it has a built in lanyard strap.

In my test, this flashlight is brighter then the twistr, plus its a little bigger.  This one might be a better choice for adults instead of kids.  Adults might be a little more careful when they “shake” the light so they do not hit anyone else or knock anything over.

Post your comments in the Dyno Powered Devices thread of the forum.

FTC Required Disclosure:  The owner of Survival Boards (Kevin), received flashlights from EDC Depot and Ready Pro at no cost to himself.


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