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Firearms for the Bug Out Location

Some kind of worse case situation has happened, you and your family have to bug out to the Bug Out Location, and how what?

Keep in mind, this is a worse case situation, meaning you did not have time to grab any gear from your home. The only gear you have, is the gear you have stored at the Bug Out Location.

In such as situation, what 4 firearms would you want?

The firearms need to be reliable, somewhat service free, do not cost a small fortune and in case your Bug Out Location was broke into the firearms will be easy to replace.

The first thing people will probably say, “I want an M1A, FN/FAL, Remington Model 700 or a PTR91”. For the sake of discussion lets rule out all firearms that cost anywhere close to $1,000. In fact, lets rule out all firearms that cost over $500. This pretty much rules out all ARs and the majority of AKs. Lets go ahead and rule out all AKs just for fun.

Marlin Model 60 – the first thing people are probably going to say is, “oh come on, the Ruger 10/22 should be first”. I can respect that opinion about the Ruger 10/22, its a great rifle.

Here are the reasons why I listed the Marlin Model 60 instead of the Ruger 10/22

1 – The Model 60 uses a tube magazine instead of a detachable magazine. This means you have one less thing to worry about, which is stockpiling magazines or losing the magazine.

2 – Marlin Model 60 has a slightly longer barrel then the Ruger 10/22, which means a slightly lower report.

3 – The Model 60 has better sights then the 10/22. On the rear sight, the 10/22 has screws that have to be loosened then retightened to adjust the sight. The Model 60 has a ramp to adjust the rear sight.

SKS – its reliable, cost less then an AK47 or Ruger Mini-30, easy to operate, easy to learn, and can be found in just about any gun show.

There was once a time when the SKS cost less then $100, but those days are long gone.

sks survival rifle

SKS survival rifle

Why should we keep an SKS at the Bug Out Location?  The 7.62×39 round is effective on deer and hog sized game, its also effective on looters.

Take the factory 10 round magazine out, attach a 20 round magazine, and you should be good to go.

Remington 870 – used by hunters and police all over the U.S.  The 870 has a reputation of being reliable, regardless of the situation its in.

There is a reason why duck hunters prefer the Remington 870, it works.  Plain and simple, the pump action is reliable.

The amount of after market parts for the 870 is mind boggling – slug barrels, stocks, sights, slings, side saddles,,, there are all kinds of add-ons and accessories on the market.

The interchangeable choke allows hunters to to change the choke to customize the pattern size to types of ammunition being used.

*Special mention goes to the Mossberg Model 500 and the Winchester Model 1200 and Winchester Model 1300

* The Mossberg 590 does not have a choke, and has a shorter barrel then the Remington 870.

Bolt action rifle – if you want to go really cheap, there is the Mosin-Nagant.  The 7.62X54r should be able to take just about anything besides the largest game in North America.  If you want something that is effective on deer and hog sized game, the Mosin-Nagant should be all that you need.

Whitetail deer taken with 280 Remington

If you wanted to spend a little bit more money, there is the Mossberg ATR and the Remington Model 770.

There are so many good quality bolt action rifles on the market, both civilian and military, it is futile to list all of them.  There are a lot of military surplus rifles out there, and a lot of good rifles in the civilian market.

Why list a bolt action rifle?  To take over where the SKS drops off.  If you need something larger then the 7.62×39, or need more range, that is where the bolt action comes in.

Why not a lever action?  Because the 30-30 start to drop off pretty bad past 150 – 200 yards.  If you have a 7.62×39, can you justify having a 30-30? Maybe yes and maybe no.  How much money do you want to drop on this project?  $250 for an SKS, or $400 for a lever action.  You can buy an SKS and a whole bunch of ammunition for the price of a single Marlin 336.

My personal preference would be a good bolt action rifle in 308 Winchester.  The 308 is effective on medium sized game, flat shooting, not expensive, and the low recoil makes it well suited for just about anyone in the family.

Lets Review

Marlin Model 60 22 Long Rifle – great for small game and can be used to defend your property.  See a coyote or raccoon around the chicken coop, no need to break out the large caliber rifles.  A 22 subsonic will help prevent spooking the livestock and should not worry the neighbors.

SKS 7.62×39 – good for defending the property, and is effective on deer and hog sized game.  Need more then a 10 round magazine?  Add a 20 or 30 round aftermarket magazine.

Shotgun – great for knocking fox squirrels out of the top of pine trees.  Loaded with slugs or buckshot make the shotgun effective for defending your property, and just right for deer and hog sized game.

Bolt action rifle in 308 Winchester (or something comparable) – this is for larger game and longer range then the SKS can handle.

Why no handguns were listed – handguns are a last ditch effort in self-defense.  If a bad guy is so close that you need a handgun, turn the rifle or shotgun around and use it as a club.

If you absolutely must have a handgun, with the $500 price range in mind, my first suggestion would be something from the Ruger family.  A lot of people are probably going to say “Ruger handguns are junk”.  Yea whatever.  I have owned 2 Ruger pistols and never had a bit of trouble from either one.

Suggestions from the Facebook page

Some of the people on our Facebook page helped contribute to this article, here are some of the suggestions:

The new keltech PMR30

Mossin Naggant.. $100 a pop on average, and you can buy spam cans for shelf ammo.. In a pinch, it works..

Ruger 10/22 is a good first choice. After that a KelTec in either 5.56 or 308 (I think the 308 is the better choice, but that is just me).

‎10/22 take down. Stainless, durable, compact, easy to hide/secure.

Mossberg mariner shotgun or JIC model in waterproof tube.

Four or five AK’s

Hit up pawn shops for Marlin or Winchester 30-30s. Great all around rifle with a good round.

Mossberg Plinkster .22. I bought a couple for my boys and paid less than $150 apiece for them. Accurate, and if it turned up missing, you aren’t out much.

Mosin Nagant for around 100-150$, SKS/AK clone 350-450$. Ammo is inexpensive for both and add a double barreled Stoger for 350$ and you have a well rounded long gun set.

A couple of M 91/30’s + a tin of ammo is pretty cheap these days. If you needed a pistol, maybe a M1895 revolver at about $100. For $200 you could get a variety of Milsurp pistols to choose from. P64, CZ-82, Makarov ($250), couple of different Tokarevs, etc.

Marlin model 60 22lr , Remington 870 12 ga, Smith and Wesson 9mm. the guns are affordable the ammunition is readily available, and most anybody can learn to be a decent shot with these weapons.

Mausers are pretty cheap

Hi-Point pistols. Never had an issue with mine with 2000 rounds through it.

Stainless steel ruger 10/22 carbine and 2000 rds. Under $500

I loved the feel and price of the circuit judge and they have a new model I haven’t seen. It’s around 500.

You can find used hi point pistols in the 100 dollar range, and a matching carbine used for around 150. case of ammo for around 200 and u got a long gun, hand gun and 1k rounds for less than ur starting price.

Marlin Model 60 22lr. $200.00 new, Mossberg 500 with dif. barrels $400.00 new. Some good deer rifle for the longer big game shots.


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