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AK-47 AR-15 Survival RiflesI’am looking for a 308 semi-auto rifle – its to be used as my primary hunting rifle and survival rifle. This will be my “go to” rifle in the event of a disaster. Currently I have a Bushmaster AR-15 223 / 5.56mm, WASR-10 in 7.62X39, Ruger 10/22, SKS and Remington Model 700 Mountain Rifle in 280/7mm Express. The goal is to have something with a little versatile then those rifles. Something that is rugged enough to take take wherever I want, but accurate enough to make 100+ yard shots and hit a baseball sized target without a bench rest. Ideal accuracy would be a 1 inch group “Minute of angle MOA” at 100 yards. But some military rifles are just not designed to have the accuracy like a bolt action hunting rifle, or the AR15.

During hunting season the purposed rifle is going to be my primary hunting rifle. I need something that is compact enough to move around a deer stand with, or use a climbing stand with, but but with a barrel long enough that accuracy is not affected. Something with an 18 – 22 inch barrel would be ideal.

This is what I have come up with so far:

Century Arms Cetme – @ $500
Barrel length: 16.5″
Overall Length: 37.75″
Stock: Black synthetic
Weight: 9.7 lbs.

Saiga AK 47 .308 Rifle – @ $529
Barrel length: 16″ – 20″
Overall Length: 37.3″ – depending on model
Synthetic Stock
AK-47 style safety

Remington model 750 – $600 – $750
Barrel length: 22″ on full version and 18 1/2″ on the carbine
Overall Length: 42 5/8″ – depending on full version or carbine
Stock: Walnut or black synthetic
No Flash hider

Century Arms FAL Rifle R1A1 – $699
Barrel length: 20.8″
Overall Length: 41″
Stock: Black Synthetic
Flip up carry handle

Century Arms FAL G1 SA Sporter – $700
Barrel Length: 22″
Overall Length: @43″
Stock: Black Synthetic
Flash hider
Flip up carry handle

DS Arms STG58 – $1,100
Barrel Length: 18″
Overall Length: 38″
Stock: Black Synthetic
Flash hider
Weight: 10 pounds
Flip up carry handle

PTR 91 – $1,100
Barrel Length: 18″
Overall length: 40″
Stock: Black Synthetic
Flash hider

DPMS Panther – $1,100 – $1,200 – several models available
Specs will vary depending on model
Barrel Length: 18″
Overall Length: 35″ – 39″ depending on model
Flash hider
Some models have a folding stock
Weight: 7.75 lbs – depending on model

Springfield M1A1 – $1,200 – $1,500+ depending on model and accessories.
Barrel Length: 16.25″
Overall Length: 37.25″
Weight: 8.9 pounds
Flash hider

Remington R25 – $1,200 – $1,500+
Remington website list the price at $1567.00 (MSRP)
Barrel Length: 20″
Overall Length: 39.75″
Weight: 8.75 lbs.
Available Calibers: .243 Winchester, 7mm-08 Remington, 308 Winchester

H&K 91 – Prices range from your soul to your first born child
Barrel length: 17.71 inches
Overall length: 40.38 inches
Flash hider

* Please note that prices and specifications can change at anytime.

The Remington model 750 woodsmaster, from a price and reliability point of view might be one of the better choices. In fact, my brother and my dad both hunt with a Remington 750 in 30-06, and have no problems with performance or reliability. But the 750 has a limited magazine capacity and is pointed towards sportsmen then military.

Between the Remington 750 and Cetme – there is not much of a price difference, but the Cetme 308 accepts large capacity magazines, while the 750 does not.

Between the Cetme and the Saiga – the price of the Saiga magazines bumps it to the bottom of the list. From a survivalist point of view, ammunition and magazines need to be stored at home, and at the bug out location.  If the situation happens where you just have time to grab your food, rifle, clothes and get out of town, at the very least there will be ammunition and magazines at your bug out location / remote camp.  Due to high prices, stockpiling Saiga magazines is not feasible.

Springfield M1A1 – top quality rifle, has a reputation for its accuracy and reliability, still issued to American troops.

The DS Arms STG58 – this rifle has a lot going for it, a great reputation, moderately priced magazines. The rifles is a little expensive, but sometimes you get what you pay for. The magazines cost more then say an AR15 magazine of AK47 mag, but I dont think they are cost prohibitive.

DPMS Panther and Remington R25 – The prices seem a little steep.  For the price of 1 Remington R25, I could buy 3 Marlin 336 rifles in 30-30 ($400 each) or 4 Mossberg 100-ATR bolt action rifles ($300 each). I could equip my wife, my daughter, my son and myself with a Mossberg ATR 100 bolt action rifle for the price of 1 Remington R25 semi-auto. Investing so much money into a rifle that uses priority magazines just not seem to be cost effective. I’am not sure if DPMS or Remington makes high capacity magazines for either of their rifles. The lack of high capacity rifles is an issue.

Century arms Cetme and Imbel FAL – there are a lot of stories out on the internet of poor quality. Not saying that Century Arms makes a poor quality product, but there are a lot of horror stories out there. I do not want to buy a rifle that needs work. I would rather spend a little more money and get some of quality that does not need any extra work.

PTR 91 – a clone of the famous H&K 91, but cost a lot less then the 91. A buddy of mine has a PTR 91 and he likes it. The weapon handles well, feels right, and magazines are somewhat cheap.

H&K 91 – too expensive, I can not justify spending the kind of money some people are asking for these rifles.

The question is – which rifle would you buy, and why?


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