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Prepping Plans for 2009

As I look back 0n 2008, I also look forward to 2009.

Over the past few months I have not been my usual self. Korey (my son) got a deer this hunting season, and so far that is all we have gotten is that one deer. Tomorrow is the last day of regular deer season, in 2 weeks there is a youth weekend. Hopefully between tomorrow and the youth weekend Korey or I will be able to get another deer. This will fill our freezer for the coming year.

Overlooking the Angelina River near Jasper, Texas

January – my wife and I planted a bed of onions. I bought the onion sprouts 2 weeks ago but have not felt like planting them. The onions were a mix of 10-15Y and some smaller green onions for salads and baked potatoes.

10-15Y are a large onion developed by Texas A&M.  When the bulb is ready to be harvested, it will be about the size of a baseball.  These onions have a sweet taste and are good for putting on hamburgers.

February – Potatoes go in the ground around February 14th. My wife and I already have to seed potatoes in the shed.

This is also one of the months that I like to go camping.

Plant a couple of apple and peach trees.

March – This is when the garden is going in the ground. So far the plans are for a couple of rows of snap beans, and the usual peppers, cucumbers, okra, melons……

March is another month that I like to go camping or hiking in. The texas heat has not kicked in, so its nice and cool at night.

In March I am planning on rotating out my pea seed and bean seeds. Some of the pea and bean seed in my stocks are 3 and maybe 4 years old. The plans are to plant a crop on the deer lease for the deer using my old seeds. I will then buy new seeds to replace and update my stocks.

April – Finish up any late season garden crops. Maybe go on a hiking or camping trip.

May – Summer squirrel season and finish up any hiking or camping trips that I want to go on.  After May, the summer heat is just too much.

June, July and August – Going to the lake, doing some fishing and swimming. My kids will be at my house for around 42 days, so the weekends and spare time will be for them.  These are usually fun months, besides dealing with the Texas summer heat.  I usually do not do a lot of camping during these months because of the heat.  Even at night, the lows will sometimes stay in the upper 80’s and sometimes will not get out of the 90’s.

July is when pumpkins should be planted.

Maybe set out a trail camera to monitor deer movements.

August and September – Hurricane season. And getting ready for deer season.

This is also the time to plant any winter crops, such as turnips greens.

These 2 months will be a little stressful if any hurricanes get into the Gulf of Mexico.

October – Scouting for deer trails, setting up any new deer stands.

November and December – Deer season, thanksgiving and Christmas.

Overall I was happy with the way 2008 went. Nobody in our family died – that was in 2007. Hopefully those that did not have flood insurance will have it be the time the 2009 hurricane season rolls around. Even though some of my friends and family were flooded out by hurricane Ike, nobody died. There was one person that I knew who died during Ike, and I hope his family is doing well.

There are a lot of lessons learned from the disasters in 2008.  Hurricane Gustav brought devistation to Louisiana and Hurricane Ike brought wide spread devastation to South East Texas.  My spring garden did not do so well in 2008.  That might have been due to a lack of organic material in the soil (aka mulch).



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